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Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-05-06
It took longer than I wanted (which pretty much goes for anything I touch Savage Worlds), but the Darwin's World Savage Worlds: Campaign Guide is finally ready. Please read below to make sure you get it at the best available price.

Get your discount wastelander!

Do you already own the d20 Campaign Guide?
Get the Savage Worlds edition for only $4 using the CG Savage Worlds Discount Bundle+.

Do you already own the Savage Worlds: Survivor's Handbook?
Get the Campaign Guide for $2 off with the Darwin's World Savage Worlds Core Bundle+

Note that with Bundle+ you only pay for the book you DON'T own.

Darwin's World Gazetteer
While you're at it, download the free Darwin's World Gazetteer which is NOT included in the Campaign Guide. Also note that starting today, anyone who purchases a print edition of a Campaign Guide (d20 or SW), you'll also receive a free print copy of Darwin's World Gazetteer.

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