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Darwin's World Gazetteer
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Print Price: $11.95 $10.00 In Stock
Pages: 42
Size: 2.64 MB
Format: portrait screen and printer pdfs
Writer: Dominic Covey
Cover: Jeremy Simmons
SKU: RPO0100d
ISBN: 1-935432-35-4
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: Darwin's World; Systems: Modern d20, Future d20; Genre: Post-Apocalyptic; Product Type: Core Book; Media Type: print, PDF

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The Darwin’s World Gazetteer or “Bixby’s World Almanac” is a survey of the known regions of the Twisted Earth. 42 pages of free post apocalyptic background material.

Regions include: Baja Cliffs, Big Hole, Big Rocks, Burning Lands, Cursed Sea, Deadlands, Far Desert, Forbidden Lands, Forgotten Desert, Glowing Hills, Grass Plains Empire, Graveyard Of Bone Cities, Great Rift Valley, Lost Mud Sea, Lost Paradise, Mountains Of Misery, Range Of The Lost, Sierra Gehenna, and Wilds Of Desolation.