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Welcome to OpenRPG
Welcome to OpenRPG, I'm Chris Davis (aka posterboy on the old forums). I started the OpenRPG project way back in January of 2000.

It's been a long time (several years) since I've actively developed OpenRPG. Through the years many other developers have taken up the torch and improved OpenRPG.

Tyler Starke's Traipse
Tyler Starke has contributed a new development fork to the OpenRPG Project under the name Traipse. Inside the Traipse fork, OpenRPG has become a core technology, a set of features that are removed from any particular user interface. The development of Traipse is active and is moving towards a new milestone which will change the entire face of OpenRPG.

About OpenRPG
OpenRPG is an Internet application that allows people to play Role Playing Games in real-time over the Internet. OpenRPG is free, open source, software, distributed under GNU/GPL license.

OpenRPG & RPG Software News
Posted by Chris Davis on 2012-11-16
I'm shutting down the forums, which are really only used for OpenRPG. More info can be found HERE
Posted by Chris Davis on 2012-10-28
Server is up and should be all configured. If you have any issues downloading books, using tiamat, or the online store, please let me know asap.
Posted by Chris Davis on 2012-07-13
I've been wanting to redesin my website for some time. This new design is really only a tweak to the old design, but it has one important change: it works on both desktop and mobile devices. And it's not two different sites (as is often the case), but rather one site that adapts. If you look at this site on your smartphone, it should adapt to the smaller screen size.

It's not ideal. When I saw it works, I don't mean it's flawless. But it's usable. Which is important to me since I spend a good deal of time these days on my phone and tablet.

Anyhow, I've been trying my best to clear my plate the last year so I can do more blogging and work on other projects. Getting this site working on mobile was one of those steps. Except a total resigned sometime in the not to distant future.

Gencon approaches and I want to continue with my gencon blogs I started last year. This is year 21 for me!

If you find something not working on the website due to these changes, please let me know asap (webmaster at

Posted by Chris Davis on 2012-01-01
Happy New Year...

If you export a map during the month of December you were given a free map export today. Remember the free exports don't carry over so use it or lose it. :)

Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-11-01
If you export a map during the month of October you were given a free map export today. Remember the free exports don't carry over so use it or lose it. :)