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RPGObjects News
Posted by Charles Rice on 2009-06-18
The Grand OGL Wiki, a clearinghouse for open game content has reviewed Dark Future. Check out the review here and thanks to Mark for taking the time!

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-06-16
Intergalatic Patrol20 takes your Supers20 game into the far reaches of space with NPCs, weapons and vehicles for a space-based supers campaign.

Posted by Charles Rice on 2009-05-28
Do what mom says or else in the world of Planet Hothouse, from the upcoming Post-Apocalypse20.

Jumper (Speedfreak 3): HD 3d8+3; HP 16; Init +5; Spd 30 ft, Leap 40 ft.; Defense 16, flatfooted 13 (+3 Dex, +3 Class); BAB +2; Atk +3 melee (1d4+3 fangs); SQ None; AL none; SV Fort +4, Ref +8, Will +2, Rec +1; Rep NA; Str 12, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 6, Wis 15, Cha 10.

Background: None

Occupation: None Perks 2 (Precision Strike, Stealth- jungle)

Hobby: None

Skills: Athletics 2 (+3), Outdoorsman 5 (+11), Perception 0 (+6), Unarmed 5 (+6)

Feats: Animal Mentality, Insect Physiology, Leaper, Modification Level x2, Natural Weaponry

Access/Contacts/Followers: None

Wealth: None

Possessions: None

Character Disadvantages: Bestial (DSR 5)

Background: These enormous spiders were the first of the new insect life forms to appear as the world began to change. In the early days of the planet’s transformation, they killed thousands, stunning unsuspecting victims and carrying them off to their enormous webs where they would slowly feed on them. As humanity began to adapt to its new environment, these creatures have gone from deadly menace to nuisance to important food source and are thus rarely found near large human settlements, where they are hunted aggressively by the men they once fed upon.

There are certain fruits that repel jumpers. Human settlements often burn pots containing the juice of these foul smelling fruits near their villages to repel jumpers, as they will attempt to carry off children if they can approach unnoticed. This “bitterfruit” requires the jumper to make a DC 20 Will check to get within 30 feet. Though it tastes terrible, bitterfruit is highly nutritious and children are often told that eating it will make them immune to jumper attack. This is one of those lies parents tell children to make them eat their vegetables.

Quote: None
Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-05-12
The second installment of our 3 week Supers20 dispatch run is now on sale. The Blitz is a ready to play Golden Age mini-adventure for Supers20 with a fully detailed scenario, setting and fully statted Supers20 NPCs.

You can save some cash by utilizing our Bundle+ program.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2008-10-10
This week we have a super-size dispatch issue. The Ice Palace (Der Eis Palast) is a WWII adventure for Modern20 and Supers20.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2008-07-25
Our summer of weekly dispatches continues. Download issue #122, Small Arms of WWII20, for FREE!

Note to subscribers: This issue was NOT automatically added to your account. I didn't want to deducted an issue from your subscription, so you'll need download it manually.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2008-01-28
More Modern20 in this issue of the Modern Dispatch. Modern Dispatch (#118): Pirates20: The Golden Age of Piracy is an article that aims to present some new occupations, equipment and sample characters that can provide the basis of a cinematic pirate fantasy campaign.

Also, we are starting to put up some Modern Dispatch back issue Bundles+. Get RPGObjects (and only RPGObjects) issues from 1-25.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2007-10-29
A new super sized issue of the Modern Dispatch (#116) is out. Hunters20 is a new campaign model for Modern20, containing a complete Psionic20 system.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2006-11-12
Modern Dispatch issue 105 is now on sale. Priceless is a martial arts d20 adventure by Charles Rice for Blood and Fist or Blood and Vigilance.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2006-05-28
There might be a delay in this weeks dispatch as late as Tuesday. More information and be found HERE.