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RPGObjects News
Posted by Charles Rice on 2009-12-09
Mecha Omega provides a complete Mecha and Kaiju rule set, along with two campaign models, all in a lean 22 page package. This product provides rules for constructing a mech from the ground up, as well as growing Kaiju for them to fight. Mecha Omega is a generic OGL product, meaning it should work with any OGL game where characters have a Defense statistic that rises with character level, which obviously includes Modern20.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-04-08
Chuck and I recorded a impromptu podcast discussing Wizards of the Coast pulling of PDFs from online retailers (and their general competence). Surprisingly (or not) Chuck and I don't agree, and get in a heated debate that ultimately destroys our friendship. So sad...

Chuck has some static on his end. Sorry about that...

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Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-01-23
My initial shipment of print book arrived Tuesday and I've updated my inventory system. There are a few stragglers that haven't arrived yet, but currently all of the Modern d20, Fantasy d20 and Darwin's World books are now in stock.

Still outstanding are one Ture20 book (BNF) and two GM Mastery books. The reprint of NPC Essentials will take some time as I've lost the original (doah!) and need to have it scanned.

Here's a complete list of books In Stock:

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-01-14
In order to make printing of our books more manageable, I consolidated many ebook series into one single volume. The biggest of the them are Blood and Space 2: Galactic Edition and Blood and Guts 2: General Edition.

Both editions collect the core books in the series plus some extras. To avoid confusion, I disable the old versions.

If you purchased most of the respective series, you had the new editions added to your account. If not, you'll have to buy the new edition. However, the sale price of consolidated editions if lower than it would have been to buy the whole series.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2008-11-10
I’m very pleased to announce RPGObjects has signed a deal to print books through’s BookSurge.

For years I’ve been searching for a reliable and cost effective way to print our ebooks and now with Booksurge I’ve finally found it.

So what does these mean? By years end, I will be printing nearly RPGObjects’ entire catalog. We’ll be starting with popular modern d20 lines such as Darwin’s World, Blood and Guts, and Blood and Space. But eventually, everything will get printed.

The other good news is that you will be able to purchase print editions at, RPGObjects, as well as bookstores by request.

As I alluded to before, this is the deal that was holding up our upcoming Darwin’s World novel, Burning Lands. But as I write this press release, the book is being upload to BookSurge and should be available soon.

Check back for news on what books have been sent to the print.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2008-10-27
Secrets of The Mind Masters is a high-level adventure for Darwin's World.

What begins as a simple expedition to the ruins soon turns into a life-threatening exploration of a long-forgotten complex beneath the streets, an underground facility that is directly tied to the Savants' mysterious abandonment of the city years ago...

Posted by Chris Davis on 2008-10-06
I neglected to pimp the first one, but we have two new pa dispatches on sale. We divert from our standard pa setting and introduce two new advanced classes not set to Darwin's World.

Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch (#19): The Slaver Advanced
Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch (#18): The Memory Singer

Posted by Chris Davis on 2008-09-22
I've permanently reduced the price of many of most popular modern d20 books that are also in print (with the only expect being DW: Survivor's Handbook). Most of the books are price from $5 or $10 now, with the prices of the print books the same as PDF.

Also, if you own some of these books already, the upgrade price is now only $1.

RDP is also participating with some of their print books.

Here's a list of the books with price cuts:

$5 print / $1 upgrade
The Foundationists $5 print / $1 upgrade
Modern Backdrops $5 print / $1 upgrade
Metal Gods $5 print / $1 upgrade
Legends of the Samurai HC $5 print / $1 upgrade
Blood and Relics $5 print / $1 upgrade
RDP: Alien Invasion $5 print / $1 upgrade
RDP: Blight Elves: Architects of Despair $5 print / $1 upgrade

$10 print / $1 upgrade
Legends of Excalibur: Arthurian Adventures $10 print / $1 upgrade
Blood and Fists: Master Edition $10 print / $1 upgrade
RDP: The Blood Throne: Survivor's Guide to the Age of Blood $10 print / $1 upgrade

While the price cuts are permanent, the print books are limited depending on the title.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2008-09-12
More dispatch for Modern20 fans. Knights of the Sky 1: Allied Powers is the first of a two part series for Mike Lafferty's Soldiers and Spellfighters20.

Note to subscribers: I added both issues to your account so you got part 2 early.

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