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RPGObjects News
Posted by david jarvis on 2009-09-11
Reality Deviant Publications is pleased to announce the release of the second installment in our Campaign Cutouts line: The Reaver Fight Club!

The Reaver fight club is an underground pit fighting arena ready to drop into any campaign. Fully stocked with npcs, encounters for a wide range of levels and rules for fighting in the arena, and map tiles for you to use on your table, this supplement has everything you need to begin play immediately.

Posted by david jarvis on 2009-05-08
Hi everyone,

I recently joined Scarrport co-writers Graydon Schlichter and Greg Tito to chat with Rone Barton and Ed Healy about Scarrport: City of Secrets on their Atomic Array podcast.

You can check out the interview here!

Posted by david jarvis on 2009-04-28

Scarrport: City of Secrets has been reviewed on the "Points of Light" 4th edition gaming blog by Red Jason and crew.

you can check it out Here

Posted by david jarvis on 2009-04-15
It's been a long road for this one, but I'm pleased to announce that Reality deviants' First 4th edition supplement, Scarrport: City of Secrets is now on sale!

Posted by david jarvis on 2009-03-24
Check out some of this cool artwork by Anthony Cournoyer

Posted by david jarvis on 2009-03-15
I'm really interested in the concept of auras and how to apply them to a construct as features built into the creature.

In the case of this monster, called the Clockwork behemoth, I've created something called a Bladestorm Aura.

The idea is that, once activated, the behemoth has a "defense system" consisting of 8 blades which revolve around the automaton at very high speeds, sort of like a chain saw. Anyone caught in it takes damage.

This is what it looks like so far. Feedback is appreciated:

Bladestorm Aura (weapon) aura 1; The clock work behemoth has a defense system consisting of eight jagged blades which revolve around the creature at high speeds. Anyone caught in the bladestorm aura at the start of their turn takes 10 weapon damage.

Posted by david jarvis on 2009-02-07
I just got the map in for one of Scarrport's four districts: Torrell.

You can check it out here: