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Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-04-29
I had hoped to release Darwin's World Savage World: Campaign Guide tomorrow, but I'm not quite there yet. The layout is complete, but we're still reviewing it for errors and tying up lose ends. I've bump the release date to next Friday which I hope to hit.

Get a beta copy by helping me find errors:
When I released the Survivor's Handbook I asked people to report typos and other errors before I send it to print. Some people did, but unfortunately some of them posted the mistakes on facebook and I neglected to look there (my bad). I wanted to get a head start on it this time, so I'm offering up a beta copy of Campaign Guide to a limited number of fans who intended to by it when it's released. The requirements to get a copy are:

1) You intend to buy it.
2) You have time to read the book and send me your feedback by early next week (not later then Wednesday).
3) You can accept a 10M file via email.

If you'd like a beta copy, email me In that email, state in one sentence why I should send you a beta copy. For example, "I'm an experience GM and have time to read this weekend."

I'm only going to send out a limited number of copies, so if I don't send you one, it's nothing personal.

I know it's taken a long time to get the CG out, but please keep in mind most of the people who worked on it have day jobs. :)

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Posted by Jeffrey Pawlowski on 2011-04-29 15:45:24
Yay! I'll obviously buy it, but don't have the time this weekend to help. Dead car. Even with a dead car, news that this will finally be released (no pressure) pretty much keeps this week emotionally in the positive realm :D