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RPGObjects News
Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-08-06
Gencon is almost upon us, and I'm spending all my free time preparing for my gencon events. I had intended to do a 2-parter this year (Darwin Race & Alien Blasters), but the part 2 of my event just isn't coming together like I intended and I'm running out of time. So rather than rush to finish something I'm not happy with, I'm going to focus on making the first adventure as good as I can. I'm also rolling some of the ideas from part 2 into part 1.

If you're a player signed up for part 2 of the event, have no fear. I'll be bring last years gencon adventure plus one from my back catalog to run in it's place. The players will vote on which one they want to run.

I'm doing the player characters right now, I'll post some over the next few days.

See you in Indy!

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