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RPGObjects News
Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-08-04
Voyages of Discovery is finally on sale! Download the preview!

Voyages of Discovery is a complete fantasy game powered by the Modern20 game engine and set in a sword and sorcery world that technologically resembles 19th century Earth. Voyages of Discovery is a complete setting and game system in one book, nothing else is needed to play.

Print Edition
I'll be sending the printer files to Amazon at the end of the week, giving customers a few days to report any typos we missed. Feedback will be rewarded! You can purchase the print edition now (or upgrade later), but please know that is will take allow 4-6 weeks for delivery depending on when you order.

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Posted by Bob . on 2014-06-15 23:32:44
I am looking for product support. This is the only place I could find to post anything. I just purchased M20. It looks good BUT I don't understand this:
"Each character receives a number of skills from his
character class, modified by her Intelligence. The skills
character chooses begin with 4 ranks."

There are NO class skills just points. And what does the start with 4 mean?(looks like a typo because it doesn't read correctly). Do I have to put 4 points in that skill OR does 1 points buy 4 - or something else? The game looks good. I am just looking for clarification.
Can anyone help? Thanks.