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Posted by david jarvis on 2009-02-06
Here's a small preview of the meaty material you'll find in Scarrport, City of Secrets!

Scarrport, City of Secrets, has some steampunk elements and makes use of Firearms. The guy who wrote these rules is Greg Tito, who also co-wrote Forgotten heroes: Fang Fist and Song

From the text:

"Babel Springstep was the first to introduce a weapon that used small explosions to propel projectiles into an opponent at great distances.  At first, his weapons were unpredictable and difficult to aim.  But experimentation in the Craftwerks with different sized tubes and strange new propellants have resulted in a weapon that can be effective in the chaos of the battlefield.  Watching children twist a ball while throwing it gave Babel Springtep a vital clue to providing the accuracy necessary and his rifled barrels are highly sought after.  The crafty gremlin would like to one day mass-produce these weapons in his factories but, for now, each pistol needs to be handmade.

Loading the firearms with bullets, however, is still a tedious affair and takes several moments away from contending with the foe.  Only the quickest duelists have learned to reload their firearms and make them as effective as a crossbow.  These adventurers are, oddly enough, also the some of the only individuals able to afford the expensive firearms.

Firearms can be used with a basic ranged attack as well as any ranged weapon power.  All firearms have a special power that can be used once per encounter, as long as they are loaded during a short rest.  This special power represents a well packed and loaded shot and is able to do significantly more damage than a standard ranged weapon.  Once fired, the special power renders the firearm unusable for the rest of the encounter.

Firearms may not be enchanted with magic item properties, but they can be crafted with an inherent enhancement bonus.  For example, you cannot buy or craft a Thunderburst Springstep Pistol, but you can buy or craft a Springstep Pistol +5 for 625,000 gp.

Ammunition for pistols and rifles are different and more expensive than arrows or bolts.  There is no special ammunition that can impart higher damage.  Firearms require special tools, brushes and oils to load and maintain the weapon.  Any extended rest in which you do not have access to a firearm kit, you have cumulative -1 penalty to hit with the weapon."

Sample Weapon

Standard Pistol (+1 to +6)        Level 3+
The brushed steel of this weapon has a dull gleam which can terrify your opponents.
Lvl 3    +1         680 gp        Lvl 18  +4       85,000  gp
Lvl 8    +2      3,400 gp        Lvl 23  +5     425,000  gp
Lvl 13  +3    17,000 gp      Lvl 28  +6   2,125,000  gp
Weapon: Firearm
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical Hit: +1d6 damage per plus
Power(Encounter): Standard action.  Attack one creature within 20 Squares: Dexterity + 2 vs. AC; 2d8 + Dexterity modifier damage.
(Level 13-18): Increase attack bonus to +4 and increase damage to 3d8 + Dexterity modifier damage.
(Level 23-28): Increase attack bonus to +6 and increase damage to 4d10 + Dexterity modifier damage.

Paragon Feat
Prerequisite: Proficiency with firearms, Dexterity 17
Benefit:  Reloading a firearm takes a minor action instead of a standard action.


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