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Posted by Charles Rice on 2008-12-03
In this regular design diary by Charles Rice, go inside the development of Voyage of Discovery, a complete game powered by the rules that made Modern20 a success!

Voyage of Discovery is a setting that has quickly become close to my heart. It's quite literally the only idea I've ever had that I thought would be interesting for an entire novel.

I didn't finish said novel but writing it gave me even more affection for the setting.

So now I get the task of turning that setting into a game. First decision: what system to use? Chris and I bounced around several options and ultimately decided to go with System20, the same basic rules that folks really seemed to like in Modern20.

Now since Voyage of Discovery is a fantasy world, not Earth, and since its technological level is roughly equivalent to the years 1780-1820, some stuff will need to change.

First big change, class names. What we're looking at right now is: Invader, Rake, Bulwark, Sage, Rustic and Patron.

Some skills have been removed (Computers for example) and a few others are being renamed. There's also some pretty major changes to skills that are being contemplated. More on that when I decide for sure what's up.

Stay tuned!


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Posted by Michael Lafferty on 2008-12-05 09:00:42
hmmm - just occured to me - - this means a whole new equipment vast are you planning on going on the firearms side? Was thinking it'd be interesting to see you create fictional backgrounds for the various different variations on flintlock muskets and pistols from the different factions...