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RPGObjects News
Posted by david jarvis on 2008-10-08

Reality Deviant Publications is pleased to bring you I-Zine volume 2: Wanted!

Welcome to the first installment of Wanted! In this on going data feed you will find a catalogue of some of the most desperate individuals in the world as ranked by the prices on their head. In this installment we focus on the five most wanted individuals in the Great Lakes Union.

Also, you’ll find more information about daily life in the GLU, brought to you by Worker Wendy! Learn about law enforcement, the latest Goth and Pop Goth trends, and pick up the newest designer drugs and upgrades from Doc Pango’s Emporium!

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Posted by Curtis Owings on 2008-10-10 02:44:40
I just started reading Interface Zero yesterday. It is *well* done. It is really well done. This is a current take with a virtual world grounded in technology that is near to being reality.
Posted by david jarvis on 2008-10-10 13:36:37
Thanks! I'm glad you like Interface Zero. We're pretty proud of it.