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RPGObjects News
Posted by david jarvis on 2008-08-28
Reality deviant Publications is pleased to bring you I-Zine volume 1: Message in a Bottle, an introductory adventure introducing you to the frenetic world of 2088.

This is the first supplement in a line of products designed to provide fans of True20 and Interface Zero solid support for the cyberpunk genre.

In the coming months we hope to give you a virtual tour of the world to come in 2088. The world is a big place and we plan on exploring every nook and cranny. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the regular features we have planned.

Risky Ventures • In my opinion the best way to learn about someplace new is to mingle with the sprawlies, have an adventure and maybe blow a few people away with that nickle-plated gat you’ve been itching to try out. I•Zine will travel globe looking for the hairiest messes to drop your troupe of intrepid raiders into. Every I•Zine adventure is hand-crafted by a sadistic game designer dedicated to making sure that your player’s heroes live in interesting times.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Power Creep’s Catalogue • And who turned you on to that nickle-plated gat? Probably Power Creep, the slickest EQ blogger in the Deep. This gaucho has an opinion on every bit of kit from bootleg nano-ration dispensers to the latest sports car coming out of Stuttgart. Looking for a cheap batch of labor simulacra, a review of the latest expansion for Bloodthrone™, or some scavenged cyberware—Power Creep’s your guy.

Wanted! • Governments, megacongloms, and the hyper-affluent are always putting up major cred hoping someone will do their dirty work and bring in folks whom they feel have wronged them. The irony is that a lot of these fugitives are no worse than the people hunting them, but sometimes—sometimes they’re bogeymen—the stuff of nightmares lurking in the shadows, responsible for unfathomable crimes and harder than hell to take down. So pick your bountyheads and your clients wisely, and use our constantly updating list to keep youself up to date on the most dangerous game walking the streets.

Rough Terrain • Rough Terrain gives you the lay of the land for everything from wastelands, to dance clubs. Take a virtual tour of some of the world’s hot spots without ever leaving your terminal. Visit seedy hangouts, the halls of power, back-alley shops, rover-controlled atolls, ruined cities, ganglands, posh shopping districts, radioactive wastes and city-sized junk piles with our rambling blogger HippytypeWriter73.

Domains in the Deep • Your ticket to the Deep Realms—virtual worlds that play by their own rules. Learn the ins and outs of the Deep. Explore strange vistas. Meet the system admins, that keep them running and the unique virtual entities that exist within each server. Get your hands on the latest VRTs (VR tools), and avatar upgrades. Don’t have a user ID and password? No worries we’ll hook you up, but remember to mind the security, and keep an eye open for the exits.

The Fortune 50 • Details the real movers and shakers in the world —the megaconglom. Catch a glimpse of its important personnel, subsidiaries, product lines, methods, image, enemies, paid for allies, and the stuff they don’t want you to know about.

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Posted by Paul King on 2008-08-31 22:40:57
Will there be a subscription model with this ezine like there is with the Dispatches?
Posted by david jarvis on 2008-09-01 08:36:00
Most likely, but we want to establish a consistent release schedule before I'll consider asking people to pay a subscription. I don't want to get something like that rolling and then fall flat.