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RPGObjects News
Posted by Chris Davis on 2008-08-04
Reality Deviant Publications is pleased to announce the release of Matt Conklin's Interface Zero, 162 page cyberpunk setting for the True20 game system! Interface Zero provides you with everything you need to get up to speed in the dark, frenetic world of 2088 (except bullets).

Match wits with ancient triad lodge masters, anarchist hackers and digitalized corporate moguls. Thwart the machinations of the New Chinese Mandarinate, or the Theocratic UCSA. Stare down the end of your gauss rifle at, or match nano-woven steel with a variety of foes including ganglanders, gene-spliced hybrids and Borg shock troopers. Hack into the data havens behind the Ivory Curtain or hunt down renegade AI as members of STOPWATCH, an organization dedicated to enforcing the Omega Protocols.

Welcome to the Future… Can you survive it?

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