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Vigilance Press
Posted by Michael Lafferty on 2010-08-13
Vigilance Press is helping you shake off the con crud with a massive post-Gencon sale! Every day for the next week we'll be marking one product down more than 50% from its usual price. Specials so far:

Old School Psionics marked down to just ONE DOLLAR

Wargames 1: Superpowered Threats of the Cold War marked down 75% to $2.50

Check Chuck's blog throughout the weeks as the deals keep on coming...
Posted by Chris Davis on 2010-05-17
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Podcast Notes: Here at Vigilance Press, we were lucky enough to secure an interview with Steve Kenson (Mutants and Masterminds, Freedom City, ICONS) for our first Vigilance-cast.

Thanks again to Steve Kenson for taking the time out of his schedule to talk to us.

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Posted by Charles Rice on 2010-03-30
The worst of the worst are incarcerated in Rock City and are detailed in this new villain book by Charles Rice.
Posted by Chris Davis on 2010-03-19
While it's been quiet on the RPGObjects rpg front (Vig Press is still doing great work), we do have something new: Modern Dispatch (#139): Vampire Hunters20 by Paul King.