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Posted by Chris Davis on 2013-11-23
It's bee over a year since I published a new Darwin's World book. At least this one is worth the wait. Journey to Newhome is over 260 pages and packed with everything you've come to love about Dominic's adventure paths.

Print version is in the works. Like all my print books, there will be upgrade price, so you don't have to wait. Grab the pdf now and upgrade later.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2013-05-20
Events Run by Chris Davis:

To Kill a King (RPG1347404)
Darwin's World d20 Modern
You're troublemakers who have made a mess of one too many failed ventures and are captured when your last caper goes wrong. Enroute to your execution, you are given an offer to earn your freedom.

Hellhole (RPG1347405)
Darwin's World d20 Modern
You've been mustered for a daring raid into the lands usurped by the despised NuChurch, a warlike cult risen from the ashes of Salt Lake City and slowly conquering the peoples of the mountains.

Events Run by Jon Woodland:

Necropolis Nightmare (RPG1344043)
Darwin's World Savage Worlds
The Necropolis holds amazing treasures of the Ancients and terrors that can make your blood boil. Post-apocalyptic adventurers delve into the ruins of Los Angeles, in search of ancient technology.

Bow to the Master (RPG1344067)
Darwin's World Savage Worlds
Post-apocalyptic mutants are ambushed by Doomriders while traveling home with newly purchased Fraxx Steeds. Will they escape alive, or bow to the master?

Posted by Chris Davis on 2012-02-17
I added all the content from Brotherhood of Radiation to the Modern d20 NPC generator. I know it's totally Web 1.0, but it works!

Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-07-28
The final installment of the Darwin's World Savant Series, Last Gambit of The Mind Masters, is now on sale.

I created a bundle+ for the adventure series.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-06-09
It's been almost a year, but we have released a new Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch! Issue #23, Skinner's Furs & Pelts, is now on sale. It's in the same vein as our most popular dispatch issues such as Professor Gigabyte's Data Salvage, Manqala Den, and Moe's Moving Picture Emporium.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-02-22
While we recently released Darwin's World Savage Worlds: Survivor's Handbook, we haven't released a d20 DW book since Gencon. People asked for an update on the DW yahoo group and I wanted to oblige. I don't want to give any ETAs, but here's a progress report on the books listed in the upcoming section of DW.

Dominic is nearing completion of The Brotherhood of Radiation after a delay, which I'll allow him to explain in his own words.

"The Brotherhood book is near to completion, but I got stalled by the release of Fallout New Vegas. Since existing material on the Brotherhood has always set the cult in and around Vegas, I felt it was cheesy to try and put it out at the same time. I didn't want to be influenced by Fallout New Vegas as I wrote, nor have people think I was ripping the game off since several chapters have to do with a post-apocalyptic Vegas. Anyway, I want to make some changes to the manuscript, and I need to finish polishing up some of the content."

Last Gambit of The Mind Masters is another story. Dominic as of right now is unable to finish this adventure. Most of it is complete. What is not complete is fully outlined. At this point I'm going to take responsibility for finishing it. This might mean I will personally finish writing it or work with other writers to bring it to completion.

So that's where things are at. I don't want to give any ETAs because I never hit them, but just know things are in the works and progressing.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-02-18
I just sent a coupon to the RPG Coupon google group for Secrets of The Mind Masters for $2. You can still get the coupon by Joining the group.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-02-01
It's been a long time coming. The project has been started twice, delay several times, and had numerous other obstacles. At times I felt this whole idea of a Darwin's World Savage Worlds was just cursed. But it's finally here (well, at least the first book).

Darwin's World Savage Worlds: Survivor's Handbook

Discount for d20 Survivor's Handbook Owners:
If you already own the d20 Survivor's Handbook and want the Savage Worlds version as well, use the following bundle+ to get it for only $2:

SH Savage Worlds Discount

If you want the print edition of DW SW, you should still purchase the PDF version at the discount and then upgrade to the print edition. This will give you the maximum discount.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-01-07
Suffering from gamer ADD, I ignored Tiamat for a bit to redo the layout for Darwin's World Savage Worlds. I submitted it to Peginc and await their approval. Then Dominic sent me a finished draft of Somewhere In Between, and since I was already in the thick of it, I continued editing and layout. With it nearly complete, expect Somewhere In Between to go on sale Monday.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2010-09-03
I had intended to release the Survivor's Handbook of Darwin's World Savage Worlds today, but I still have a few licensing issues to finalize with Pinnacle.

So it's going to be delayed some. I've been asked not to set a release date until it's all worked out, but I don't anticipate the delay being long.

The book is all done and Jon is hard at work on the Campaign Guide.

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