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Darwin's World Savage Worlds: Campaign Guide
Digital Price:$14.95
Print Price: $24.95 In Stock
Pages: 220
Size: 18.82 MB
Format: portrait
Writer: Dominic Covey, Jon Woodland, Chris Davis
Cover: Jeremy Simmons
ISBN: 978-1-935432-48-7
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: Darwin's World; Systems: Savage Worlds; Genre: Post-Apocalyptic; Product Type: Supplement, Core Book; Media Type: print, PDF

Darwin's World is a role-playing game set in the wild, inhospitable world of mankind's ruin, after a series of devastating wars that brought the human race to the brink of extinction. In a world where radiation has altered the very course of nature, mankind has ceased to exist in its current form. Mutations and genetic variations are the edge separating a species from life and death.

The premier d20/OGL post-apocalyptic roleplaying game now for the Savage Worlds System!