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RDP: Heroic Toolkits: Vehicles
Digital Price:$8.50 $6.38
Print Price: NA
Pages: 60
Size: 3.4 MB
Format: Portrait
Writer: Stefan Happ
Cover: Jason Walton
SKU: RDP0028
Tags: Publisher: Gun Metal Games; Game Lines: ; Systems: True20; Genre: ; Product Type: Supplement; Media Type: PDF

Heroic Toolkits; Vehicles, is the first in a new line of sourcebooks for the True20 game system. Each product in this series will provide Players and Narrators with exciting resources for their True20 series!

Vehicles is a 60 page vehicle sourcebook, providing you with a plethora of vehicles suitable for use in fantasy, golden age, modern, post modern and sci-fi genres. Optional rules are also provided, expanding on the chase rules intriduced in Technothrillers; a True20 espionage sourcebook. Also included are new vehicle weapons and feats.