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Halidom (H2): The Long Drive
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Pages: 37
Size: 4.45 MB
Writer: Dominic Covey
Cover: Dominic Covey
SKU: RPO0126b
Tags: Publisher: ; Game Lines: Darwin's World; Systems: Future d20, Modern d20; Genre: Post-Apocalyptic; Product Type: Adventure; Media Type: PDF

The Long Drive is the second in a series of linked adventures designed specifically for higher-level parties. In The Long Drive the player characters leave the ruins of Barter Town, striking out into the great unknown of the north on the trail of the Doomriders, a murderous raider army. Entering a new land the PCs make contact with a group known as the "Cattlemen", a primitive people who are desperate to get out of the way of the Doomriders, should they return. Diverting from their original goal (Cheyenne), the characters aid the Cattlemen in driving a vast angoose herd to their people's ancestral stronghold of Stockyard. But along the way the herd will pass through areas devastated by the recent Doomrider incursion, and cross paths with other dangers. If the characters do well, they will earn the gratitude of the Cattlemen and be set for a meeting with their faction's leader at the start of part three of the Halidom series.

About The Halidom Campaign
Halidom is a high-level series of adventures that send the PCs off on a perilous journey deep into the heart of unknown country - the lands of old Wyoming. Their goal: to track down the Doomriders, a monstrous raider gang with epic nihilistic goals, who by all accounts have returned from a generations-long absence to begin anew a campaign of destruction, sparing none whom they find in their path. No mere raider war, something behind the scenes seems to be driving the vast armies of the Doomriders into a blood frenzy that could only come from their legends of a "Second Apocalypse".

Homesteads, villages, and towns have been laid waste, with every last inhabitant viciously slaughtered like livestock. What's worse, a hideous disease is spreading through the lands the Doomriders have passed through, threatening even more lives. To end this great threat to the Twisted Earth the characters are hired to travel many miles, over mountains and open plains, through the territory of new and unusual groups unheard of in more settled lands, to the footstep of the great Doomrider fortress of "Halidom". Braving the mighty citadel they must infiltrate its deep caves and assassinate whatever mysterious leader is behind the re-emergence of the hated Doomriders.

The Halidom campaign should ultimately take characters from level 10 to 18

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