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Bad News In Bugtown (Gencon 2007 Adventure)
Digital Price:$5.95
Print Price: $10.95 $9.31 In Stock
Pages: 47
Size: 5.09 MB
Format: Landscape (screen viewing), Portrait (for printing)
Writer: Dominic Covey
Cover: Jeremy Simmons
SKU: RPO0127
ISBN: 978-1-935432-13-5
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: Darwin's World; Systems: Modern d20, Future d20; Genre: Post-Apocalyptic; Product Type: Adventure; Media Type: print, PDF

Welcome to Bad News In Bugtown, an adventure for Darwin's World 2nd Edition. In this adventure the PCs are hired by a fledgling merchant company that has taken root in the ruins of Amarillo to track down and eliminate the source of a major nuisance - bugs.

A party of four to six characters of levels 4-6 should be able to overcome the challenges in this adventure

Gencon 2007 Adventure