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RPGObjects WebApps

Tiamat Tile Mapper
Tiamat is an on-line Tile Mapper ideal for crafting maps for Role Playing and Miniature games. Powered by nearly 3000 unique map tiles created by SkeletonKey Games, you can create beautiful custom maps at miniature scale for your game. Tiamat works on a mirco transaction model. Tiamat is FREE to use to create maps. You only pay for the maps and tiles you want exported for personal use.

Modern20 WebBook
The WebBook is basically an online (or Web2.0 if you want to get fancy) version of the standard PDF, but in theory is a lot easier to use.

Modern System Character Generator
Quickly generate NPC stat blocks for d20 modern games, including most of RPGObjects' popular d20 modern RPGs: Darwin's World, Blood and Guts, Blood and Fists, and more.

Wasteland Settlement Generator
Generate random post apocalyptic settlements for Darwin's World.