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Arthur Lives!
Digital Price:$7.95
Print Price: $14.95
Pages: 128
Size: 9.04 MB
Writer: Jason Tondro
Tags: Publisher: Vigilance Press; Game Lines: Arthur Lives!; Systems: True20; Genre: Modern; Product Type: Core Book; Media Type: PDF

Arthur Lives! is a complete campaign setting using the True20 system. This book includes:

  • Complete rules for character generation. You can play any character from Arthurian myth, or even make your own character from the myth that no one has heard of until now! You have been reincarnated in the present and so you have your own modern, mundane life. How will you reconcile these two lives? And with your new life comes old enemies, allies, and rivals.
  • Rules for Magic and Enchantment. Enchantment is a new Supernatural Philosophy for True20 Adepts, replacing fatigue cost with an ever-escalating risk that the Enchanter's magic goes out of his control to disastrous effect. This chapter also includes rules for crafting potions, Narrator advice for the use of dreams and prophecy, and a collection of supernatural Echoes -- visions of enchanted objects like Excalibur and the Holy Grail which characters can quest after.
  • Narrator chapters which reveal the secret history of Arthur Lives!, as well as a collection ofallies, adversaries, and victims you can use to flesh out your setting.
  • A complete introductory adventure, "The Best Knight in the World," which is designed to bring together a group of disparate heroes and allow some of them (but not all!) to recognize their true nature as Arthurian incarnations.