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M&M: Super-spies and Commandos of WW2
Digital Price:$2.50
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Pages: 21
Size: 2.03 MB
Format: Portrait
Writer: Charles Rice, Mike Lafferty
Tags: Publisher: Vigilance Press, RPGObjects; Game Lines: ; Systems: M&M Superlink; Genre: Superhero; Product Type: Adventure; Media Type: PDF

The super-human forces and mad schemes of the Axis powers are wide-ranging and bizarre. The superheroes of Vigilance Force or the Crown Guard are not always available and that’s where the super-spies and commandos of WW2 come in. These ordinary brave men and women -- equipped with cutting edge technology and vehicles – take the fight to the Axis supermen when no one else can.

Super-spies and Commandos of WW2 describes 5 agencies (3 heroic and 2 villainous) equipped to deal with super-powered threats in WW2.

U.S.H.E.R. - The United States Headquarters for Emergency Response is the US agency responsible for fighting super-powered threats. With their high tech weaponry, stealth Nighthawk power-armor and advanced aircraft of their Pegasus Brigade, U.S.H.E.R. is a formidable threat to the Axis meta-human forces.

Shturmovik - This agency of the Soviet government uses strength-enhancing Dobrynya power armor, nullification rays and teleportation technology to fight the Nazi super-soldiers that have invaded the Motherland.

Stonehenge Agency – This ancient organization is charged with guarding the magical artifacts of Great Britain and defending the nation against super-powered threats.

Sons of Desumasuku - This Japanese armored super-commando squad was often deployed to guard top-secret research facilities, provide security escorts for top military officials in the field, to assassinate Allied military commanders and to create distractions prior to kamikaze attacks.

Nazi Super Commandos: The biologically enhanced supermen of the Überfallkommando squad have had their latent mutant abilities awakened by Nazi science. They have super-human strength, endurance and the power of flight. The Raketenkommando squad is just as formidable - -but they are equipped with the fruits of Nazi mad science: rocket packs and blaster rifles.

Super-spies and Commandos of WW2 has everything a GM needs to get a Golden Age super-agent campaign kicked off and has three adventure hooks to get things rolling

1.Mega-Desumasuku – In the Pacific Theatre, the PCs must defend their HQ against a massive battle machine cooked by the Japanese Imperial Army

2.Ritter-Panzer – Built by the 3rd Reich’s top robotics scientists and fueled by the souls of sacrificed dark magicians, the Ritter-Panzer Mk1 is both a physical and a supernatural threat on the battlefield. The PCs are sent to destroy the Ritter-Panzer before it can be completed and deployed.

3.Storming Castle Grünerwald – At the idyllic Castle Grünerwald in the German countryside, Nazi scientist and mages have unlocked and perfected the secrets of necromancy with a synergy of black magic and mad science called the Resurrection Engine. The PCs must infiltrate and destroy this unholy machine before the 3rd Reich can change the tide of the war with a massive army of undead stormtroopers.