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Heroes & Villains or YADSRPG
Digital Price:$2.00
Print Price: NA
Pages: 126
Size: 1.45 MB
Format: Portrait
Writer: Jay Fitzloff
Cover: David Jarvis
SKU: RPO3027
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: ; Systems: Modern d20; Genre: ; Product Type: Core Book; Media Type: PDF

YADSRPG = Yet Another d20 Supers RPG

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Do we really need another d20 based supers RPG? Probably not, but I’m giving you one anyway.

The long history of this cursed RPG!
My good friend Jay Fitzloff, contributor on Palladium Book’s Hero’s Unlimited 2nd edition, penned a d20 supers RPG based on fantasy d20 way back in the dark ages of d20. But before I could edit and released it, a slew of supers RPG hit the virtual shelves, including one by RPGObjects writer Charles Rice. So it sat on my hard drive until eventually he decided to update it for d20 modern, but yet again, a slew of new super RPGs based on d20 modern flooded the market, including one by his apparent nemesis Charles Rice. Curse that Chuck!

So rather than let it languish any further on my computer, David Jarvis was kind enough to give this book a quick layout and I present it now: Heroes & Villains, a Roleplaying Game of Super Proportions!

It’s 120+ pages and packed with some nice concepts and good crunch. Not to mention it’s cheap! So give this cursed RPG a look, I’m sure d20 modern gamers will find something useful to mine from its pages. I’m sure Jay will appreciate it.

About Jay Fitzloff
Jay Fitzloff is a long time friend and we’ve been going to gencon together for nearly 15 years. He’s done some RPG writing for Palladium Books, was a senior editor for Game Informer Magazine, and has an enormous head (literally).