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Modern Dispatch (#95): The Deck of Many Actions
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Format: Landscape (screen viewing), Portrait (for printing)
Writer: Charles Rice
SKU: dispatch095
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Welcome to The Deck of Many Actions. What is The Deck of Many Actions? They are cards drawn at the beginning (or during) an adventure to spice things up and give the PCs a chance to perform a special actions.

How to use The Deck of Many Actions
The Deck of Many Actions can be used two ways, depending on how you want to integrate them into your game:

Method 1: Campaign Use
At any point during an adventure (or prior to starting), the player may choose to spend an Action Point to draw a card from the deck. The character keeps the card and may use it immediately or any time in the future (including a future adventure). A player may only draw or use one card per round (just like spending an Action Point) and may not have more than 3 cards at any time (the GM could adjust the maximum number of cards to make the game more cinematic). Once used, the card is shuffled back into the deck.

Method 2: Adventure Use
The players choose 3 cards (or more if the GM wants more cinematic action) prior to starting an adventure. At any point during the adventure, a player may spend an Action Point to use the card. At the end of the adventure, the cards are returned to the deck.