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Blood and Guts (1st Edition) Bundle
Digital Price:$10.00 $5.00
Print Price: $18.95 In Stock
Pages: 0
Size: 12.1 MB
Writer: Charles Rice
Cover: Jeremy Simmons
SKU: RPO3003
ISBN: 0-9724826-9-5
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: Blood and Guts; Systems: Modern d20; Genre: Modern; Product Type: Supplement; Media Type: PDF

With Blood and Guts 2 announced, we have bundled the entire line of Blood and Guts 1st edition material into one product. Blood and Guts 2 is a significantly different design, so check out our first edition, and see which you prefer. Included in this bundle are the following ebooks:

Blood and Guts brings the action of military combat into the Modern d20 System game! Blood and Guts includes new feats, skills, and occupations for military based campaigns, as well as a Prestige Class for the predominant Special Operations units: Army Rangers, Delta Force, Special Forces, Combat Controllers, Pararescue, Force Recon, Navy SEALs, and others. Blood and Guts also includes rules for military rank and promotion, military medals and decorations, as well as an array of new weapons and equipment.

Pages: 96

Preview: Army 160th SOAR

Inside you will find:

Military Characters
16 new military prestige classes including: Air Force Combat Controller, Air Force Pararescue, Army 75th Ranger Regiment, Army 160th SOAR, Army Delta Force, Army Special Forces "Green Berets" (5 variants), Marine Force Recon, Navy SEALs, Navy Special Boat Units, Sniper, and Top Gun. Also you will find new Allegiances and Special Operations Training (talents for military characters).

Military Training
New feats and Skills as well as a system for advance training, military ranks, elite unit assignments, and medals.

Military Combat
New combat options, new conditions as well as additional rules for indirect fire, aircraft and submarine combat.

Military Equipment
New personal gear, weapons, and 38 new vehicles including: fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, submarines, surface ships, tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles. Plus 27 new vehicle weapons!

Unit Combat System
A unique system for handling small unit combat and operations.

Notes on developing your own military based campaigns.