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Blood and Circuits
Digital Price:$6.95
Print Price: $16.95 $14.41 In Stock
Pages: 64
Size: 3.91 MB
Format: Landscape (screen viewing), Portrait (for printing)
Writer: Charles Rice
Cover: Jeremy Simmons
SKU: RPO3012
ISBN: 978-1-935432-26-5
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: Blood and Circuits; Systems: Modern d20, Future d20; Genre: Sci-Fi; Product Type: Supplement; Media Type: print, PDF

A gear and equipment creation resource for use with the modern and future d20 roleplaying game. This book presents new classes, feats, and options primarily for Smart heroes, though all heroes will find something in this book to benefit them. For the GM this book also provides a window into weird and super scientific achievements found in literature and comics, allowing for the creation of all sorts of wonders and terrors to fill his campaign with.

Pages: 60
Format: Landscape (screen viewing), Portrait (for printing)*.
Preview: Armorer

Inside you will find:

Chapter 1: Characters
New Advaced Classes (Armorer, Arsenal, Combat Engineer, Gadgeteer, Grease Monkey, Inventor), Feats, expanded Skills, and new combat options, focusing on characters that design and create high tech gear.

Chapter 2: Crafting Gear
An optional system for item creation, Invention Points, and a design section for weapons, armor, computers, vehicles, robots, head quarters, and general gear.

Includes appendices for Blood and Vigilance and Darwin's World.