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The Red Order
Digital Price:$6.95
Print Price: $12.95 In Stock
Pages: 67
Size: 3.53 MB
Format: Landscape (screen viewing), Portrait (for printing)
Writer: Dominic Covey
Cover: Joseph Wigfield
SKU: RPO4003
ISBN: 978-1-935432-18-0
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: Legends of Fantasy; Systems: Fantasy d20; Genre: Fantasy; Product Type: Adventure; Media Type: print, PDF

The Red Order is a medieval fantasy adventure designed for a party of four characters of levels 6-8. This adventure is dual stated for both standard 3.5 fantasy and Legends of Excalibur.

The adventure takes place in a secluded mountain monastery in a time of plague and great darkness in any campaign world; because The Red Order does not specify which world or region in particular, short of describing it as “mountainous” and “cold”, it can be ported into any ongoing campaign no matter its setting.

In this adventure the player characters become privy to a horrible secret, and are pressed into service of the a powerful holy order to investigate a vile cult suspected of having infested this monastery for centuries. To find out the truth, the PCs must masquerade as monks and join the order, penetrate the dark and subterranean depths of its mountain sanctuary, and discover the true motivations of the Red Order.