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RPGObjects News
Posted by david jarvis on 2011-05-10
Hi everyone! I've just found out that Interface Zero was one of 6 RPGs nominated for Best RPG at the upcoming UK Games Expo Awards! I want to thank everyon4e involved with this book, and congratulate all of the other nominees. It's an honor just to be mentioned in the same company with great games such as All For One, by Triple Ace Games, The Laundry, by Cubicle-7 and ICONS, by Adamant Entertainment!

Posted by david jarvis on 2010-10-05
Great news, I've just been informed that Interface Zero is slated to be shipped from the printer to US warehouses on the 22nd of this month, so it should be in stores soon after. If you've pre-ordered IZ, keep an eye out for it to be showing up in your mail towards the end of the month!

Posted by david jarvis on 2010-06-01
AGA X-2 Particle Beam rifle

Produced by Act of God Armaments, the AGA X-2 particle beam rifle is a directed energy weapon which fires electrons at near-light speeds to impact on targets with nearly 1 gigajoule of kinetic energy. The speed at which this weapon fires and the resultant force renders modern ballistic armor nearly useless. While a potentially devastating weapon, the AGA X-2 has its share of problems.

The weapon has to recharge after it is fired, a process that takes 2 rounds.  Additionally, some models are prone to overcharging which can result in  atomic explosions. Any time snake eyes is rolled on a Shooting attack the weapon's energy cartridge has reached critical mass and will explode within 1d4 rounds, doing  3d10 damage to everything in a large burst template. The cartridge can be ejected and thrown, providing the character has time to do so.

·         Range: 10/20/40

·         ROF: 1

·         Hydrogen cells provide 10 shots before needing to be replaced.*

·         Takes 2 rounds to recharge before it can be fired again.

·         2d10 damage

·         AR 4

·         Military weapon. Not available on the open market.

Posted by david jarvis on 2010-05-23
Here's something I'm working on now:


Voted the hottest bike of 2087 by Street Racer Weekly, the Atama Hurricane Quad Turbo jump bike is a jump racer's dream come true! Our patented ACR Titan jump system comes standard on all Hurricanes, and our titanium coil jump springs and sleek tri-wheel chassis ensure a sweet landing after sticking that slick new trick you just learned!
    • Acc 20, top speed 45
    • ACR Titan jump system allows speed jumps along both the vertical and horizontal axis up to half the acceleration rating of the bike! Jumps require a driving check, but allow the character to ignore penalties for movement over difficult ground for that round only!
    • Titanium coil jump springs add a +1 to drive checks when making turbo jumps!
    • Toughness 5 (1)
    • Crew: 1+1
    • Cost: $ 30,000 credits

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-10-06
I just sent a coupon to the RPG Coupon google group for Interface-Zero Modern^20 edition for just $3. You can still get the coupon by Joining the group.