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Posted by Chris Davis on 2013-05-20
Events Run by Chris Davis:

To Kill a King (RPG1347404)
Darwin's World d20 Modern
You're troublemakers who have made a mess of one too many failed ventures and are captured when your last caper goes wrong. Enroute to your execution, you are given an offer to earn your freedom.

Hellhole (RPG1347405)
Darwin's World d20 Modern
You've been mustered for a daring raid into the lands usurped by the despised NuChurch, a warlike cult risen from the ashes of Salt Lake City and slowly conquering the peoples of the mountains.

Events Run by Jon Woodland:

Necropolis Nightmare (RPG1344043)
Darwin's World Savage Worlds
The Necropolis holds amazing treasures of the Ancients and terrors that can make your blood boil. Post-apocalyptic adventurers delve into the ruins of Los Angeles, in search of ancient technology.

Bow to the Master (RPG1344067)
Darwin's World Savage Worlds
Post-apocalyptic mutants are ambushed by Doomriders while traveling home with newly purchased Fraxx Steeds. Will they escape alive, or bow to the master?

Posted by Chris Davis on 2012-05-18
GenCon 2012 is less than 3 months away. I didn't run any events last year and I missed doing it. This year I'm back at it and I'm trying something a little different. I'm running 4 Darwin's World events. Three of the four are the same scenarios but each time I'm going to use a different system.

RPG1233422 Revenge of the Terminals (d20 Modern) Thursday 1:00 PM (4 hrs)
RPG1233423 Revenge of the Terminals (Pathfinder) Friday 1:00 PM (4 hrs)
RPG1233421 Revenge of the Terminals (Savage Worlds) Saturday 10:00 AM (4 hrs)
RPG1233425 Vespuloids (d20 Modern) Saturday 2:00 PM (4 hrs)

You need to sign in order to view the events. See ya at gencon!

Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-12-30
I'm getting closer to finishing Brotherhood of Radiation. All the art and content is complete. It's just a matter of editing and layout now.

In the meantime, I'll be posting some artwork for it on G+. Here's the first batch.

Brotherhood Artwork

Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-02-03
Savage Worlds fans, send me your typos and suggestions. This just in, people like Savage Worlds. We're #5 on rpgnow after only two days and they aren't even my primary sales outlet anymore. Also, a really high % of sales are for the print edition. I didn't know what to expect to be honest. The true 20 version didn't get this level of a response out of the gate.

Since so many people have spent their hard earned cash on the print version, let's see if we can't make it as clean as possible. Send me (email, tweet, facebook, or buzz) your typos, errors, or other suggestions before end of day Monday. If you're the first to report it, I'll make sure you get a coupon towards another rpgobjects product like the upcoming Campaign Guide.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2011-01-07
Suffering from gamer ADD, I ignored Tiamat for a bit to redo the layout for Darwin's World Savage Worlds. I submitted it to Peginc and await their approval. Then Dominic sent me a finished draft of Somewhere In Between, and since I was already in the thick of it, I continued editing and layout. With it nearly complete, expect Somewhere In Between to go on sale Monday.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2010-08-11
I just sent a coupon to the RPG Coupon google group for Post-Apocalypse^20 for $3. You can still get the coupon by Joining the group.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2010-07-30
I've uploaded the Pregenerated characters for the 2010 gencon adventure, Return to the Feeding Grounds.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-12-08
I just sent a coupon to the RPG Coupon google group for Against The Wastelords (W1) for $1.5. You can still get the coupon by Joining the group.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-08-20
Gencon 2009 has come and gone and I'm finally feeling normal. It was a great week of gaming. I ran 3 events (Darwin Race, Revenge of the Terminals, and Inferno). The groups were great fun. Two of the three groups consisted mostly of people who had never heard of Darwin's World which was great. The last one was mostly fans which made for a really fun and experienced game.

The Darwin Race adventure didn't go as well as I hoped. The adventure needs a lot of tweaking so it may be a few weeks before I release that. I played Revenge of the Terminals again as an event, and I think it's the best gencon adventure I've written. It just works very well for a convention event. Sometimes you strike gold and sometimes you don't.

I played a ton of board games too, which is what I do at night. I played some Power Gird, Game of Thrones, Twilight Emporium (I won), Steam, Cash and Guns, and some hearts. I always purchase at least 2 new board games and this year it was Steam and Neuroshima Hex. We played Steam twice, playing it wrong both times, so the verdict is still out on that one. I haven't played Neuroshima Hex. It's a post apocalyptic board game import from Poland. Tell me that doesn't sound awesome!

One thing that is always great about gencon is that it really recharges you creative batteries. Normally I come home with lots of ideas, but that is often stifled in some ways as I normally have a slate of projects 6-8 months in the pipe. But this year I only have a few minor things. So I'm very excited.

Posted by Chris Davis on 2009-08-17
Here's some pics of the players that participated in the 2009 gencon events. Thanks for coming!

Event #1

Event #2

Event #3

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