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e-Adventure Tiles Mapper
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Writer: Chris Davis
Cover: Skeletonkey Games
Tags: Publisher: RPGObjects; Game Lines: ; Systems: ; Genre: Superhero, Sci-Fi, Fantasy; Product Type: WebApp; Media Type: Software

Sale of e-Adventure Tiles Mapper has been discontinued due to the release of Tiamat.

Want to make beautiful adventure maps the quick and easy way? Try e-Adventure Tile Mapper.

The e-Adventure Tiles Mapper is a web based application that allows you to create maps with the power of nearly every SkeletonKey Games tile set. That's over 2500 tiles for you to create stunning adventure maps! The e-Adventure Tiles Mapper is also a great tool to plan your e-Adventure Tiles miniature maps.

Make Maps for Any Location!
You can produce maps for nearly any adventure location.

  • Underground: classic dungeon, cave, crypt and sewer maps.
  • Outdoors: wilderness, graveyards, desert or swamp maps.
  • City: taverns, docks, temples, and arenas.
  • Science Fiction: starships, space stations, and others.

Plus many specialized tile sets such Hive or Oriental Sword school.

Growing Library of Tile Sets!
The possibilities are endless and ever growing! Each new tile set produced by SkeletonKey Games will be added to the library of tile sets you can use to create custom adventure maps.

Sale of the e-Adventure Tiles Mapper has been discontinued due to the release of Tiamat.

Give the e-Adventure Tiles Mapper a try in Demo Mode.

*Important Note!
This does not include the actual miniature scale tile sets sold from SkeletonKey games. You must buy them separately if you want to build miniature scale maps.

The Fine Print:
Some additional notes about e-Adventure Tiles Organizer/Mapper.

1) We are not responsible for server outages and will not refund any money due to server outages (even if it becomes indefinite).

2) This Service is sold as is and no refunds will be issued for lack of features or feature changes.

3) We reserve the right to move to a subscription model if it becomes necessary to support the server costs. If this happens, purchasers of this product will get credit (the price of this product) towards a subscription or the same amount worth of RPGObjects' ebooks (whichever the customer chooses).