Gencon 2012

I didn't run any events last year and I missed doing it. This year I'm back at it and I'm trying something a little different. I'm running 4 Darwin's World events. Three of the four are the same scenarios but each time I'm going to use a different system.

RPG1233422 Revenge of the Terminals (d20 Modern) Thursday 1:00 PM (4 hrs)
- You can download pregens here: PDF or Google Docs

RPG1233423 Revenge of the Terminals (Pathfinder) Friday 1:00 PM (4 hrs)
Notice: I had plan to run a pathfinder Darwin's World event this year at Gencon. But the truth is, I'm not nearly as prepared for it as I like and Gencon is only a week away. I asked Gencon about canceling or swapping the event, but they won't let me. Maybe I will manage to get preped in time, but right now I plan to run that event using d20 modern or Savage Worlds, the player's choice. If you were looking forward to the event, I'm really sorry. It will still be fun, I promise!

RPG1233421 Revenge of the Terminals (Savage Worlds) Saturday 10:00 AM (4 hrs)
- You can download pregens here: Google Doc

RPG1233425 Vespuloids (d20 Modern) Saturday 2:00 PM (4 hrs)
- You can download pregens here: Google Doc

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