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 Alternate Mekton Zeta game proposal 
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Post Alternate Mekton Zeta game proposal
To anyone reading this, this is an alternate campaign idea to be played on Sundays at our usual time, or 3:00 EST. As such, this idea will not be often implemented, but it gives us something to do when Bish isn't available. I might not be as good as Bishop, but I'm a seasoned GM and have a concept I could very easily pull off to the best of my abilities. So, please consider this idea. If you are not part of our Mekton Zeta game, this is likely not going to work for you and you probably shouldn't bother reading further due to the fact that this game will only be played when we're not able to play our normal game. The game will likely also use Mekton Zeta as its system due to assured familiarity, but if you have any suggestions on a system you think will fit better, feel free to tell me them.

The characters start the campaign having woken up in a rather unusual situation. Apparently, several months ago they had all been abducted by a group of aliens and are awakened to a crashed and lifeless ship. Their abductors are nowhere to be found, and those that are not dead, have left the ship to search for materials in the nearly uninhabited wilderness and haven't returned. The characters must use their wits, skill and ingenuity to either survive in a harsh and unforgiving wild, or to figure out a way to fix, activate and pilot the ship.

There are two directions this can go from here.
1.) The group can set up a effectively permanent camp at the ship or possibly attempt to find other shelter. This means they will be required work together in order to survive with limited resources and likely limited patience. This idea will inevitably create tension and conflict with the group as they attempt to live together in close quarters. They will need to react to all sorts of external and internal problems coupled with dangerous surroundings. This kind of game requires creative but careful thinking as the situation will almost seem to be actively trying to prevent their survival. It also brings out just the most wonderful parts of humanity and should have some very nice roleplaying experiences.

The storyline events will revolve around the planet itself and its history. A big advantage to this type of game is that it involves a single planet and everything can be realistically tied together rather nicely. The only really big problem this specific idea has is what to do when characters die. I have a few methods in mind to bring new characters in, but the game doesn't exactly lend itself to a wide variety of options, at least in comparison to the other goal option.

2.) If the players decide to fix the ship, the game will start off similar to the previous example, but emphasis is made on finding some method of repairing the ship. This requires creativity, but less logic as I don't actually know how you'd go about fixing an alien space ship, so I tend to be fine with whatever nonsense you come up with as long as it's creative and follows the rules set forth. If you actually manage to fix said ship, you then get to leave. Once this has happened the game would then involve traveling about space in a barely able ship trying to find a charter back to earth or just carving out your own niche in galactic, inter-galactic, universal life, or all three.

This storyline will follow your own personal goals and involve more varied plots throughout various inhabited planets. This game type is a more traditional one and has a much more varied cast and can involve a multitude of intertwining or separate plots. However, it will require more mixing and matching of worlds and plots as you will likely be moving about quite often, but that variation will also be interesting and refreshing. Also, this easily fixes the problem of bringing new characters in after a death. The big loss on this game type, however, is the level of danger you will be in will be mostly lessened. Though, I suppose you might prefer that.

Character Creation:
Characters in this game should probably not be extraordinary so please keep them rather believable. I say, if you would conceivably meet this person on the street, then it should be fine. Use your discretion of course. If you don't want to roll a lifepath, feel free as I won't ask for the rolls since they won't matter much in the game's balance. The only thing I ask is that you tell me if you're young or experienced so that I know. However, feel free to take as many liberties in your background as you want as the most important part about a background in this game is to flesh out the characters. If you want to play a species besides a human, contact me using the information below and we can discuss your concept, I only ask that you use the same restrictions as the other characters.

Stats are generated with 65 points. Due to the vague description of the education stat, I will explain how I personally use it in this game. It can be used in place of any sort of knowledge skill checks that you may or may not have any training in to determine if you have gleaned some sort of understanding of a situation in your past. However, the skill check will be harder than if you just used the skill itself.
EDIT: Juryrigged mentioned Bishop's stat point rule that makes higher values more expensive. I forgot about that, but I do like it particularly for this kind of game. Let me know whether or not you think I should change that or not. However, as it stands, I will keep it as per standard rules.

An important note: tech based skills are based on a modern tech level that doesn't involve mecha so there will be restrictions, but use discretion and there shouldn't be any problems with that. However, any and all skills will be available later in the game. Furthermore, templates and professions are slightly different based on the same restrictions, but same deal.

I have a list for starting equipment, so please contact me and I'll get it to you. You're restricted based off of your character's social status, but if you didn't roll for a lifepath, you can have an automatic 5. See the list for how equipment is distributed.

CP limits and technology:
This part of the game can be a little wonky, but this is how I am essentially working it out. Basically, I assign each project you have with a CP limit based on the current resources at your disposal and your own skill. Basically what you'll need to do is design whatever it is you are making, show me it, and I will assess whether or not it is possible. If not, I will tell you why it isn't possible and if you need to remove something(only if that component of the finished design is impossible, otherwise you should remove whatever you want so you aren't past your limit). I'll likely be too lenient, so get ready to make me regret my actions.

The big problem here, is technology and how it relates to the game. In most mekton games, you have access to SOME form of fictional technology and, since I'm still being stubborn about it, the characters will have no knowledge of any such tech. This means, your understanding of machines will be limited at first. However, as the game progresses, you will gain better understanding of various technologies and materials allowing you a much greater range.


If you have further questions, feel free to reply here. However, for anything else or if you just want to discuss something, contact me at or message me on windows live messenger with the same e-mail or with the name Bluewyvrn on aim. Just note that the aim name is a shared name, so it might not be me at the time. However, I live with the other person who uses it, so just ask for SAFF if that happens. He'll know who you're talking about.

Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:22 am

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Post Re: Alternate Mekton Zeta game proposal
Just a quick tag for myself. I'm planning on something along the lines of a pilot. Experienced, probably a military test pilot or the like.

Added: And I'd like to point out that we /are/ in the market for one more person in the usual game, so if you're interested by this, may as well check in.

Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:34 am

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Post Re: Alternate Mekton Zeta game proposal
I would probably play a medik or mechanic. I tend to enjoy those roles :D

Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:03 am
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