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 Legend of Eden: Saga using Milkyway galaxy. 
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Post Legend of Eden: Saga using Milkyway galaxy.
On July 2nd 1947 a rancher making rounds after a storm discovered debris believing to be a UFO he immediately informed the Army of the find believing it to be a UFO. Little did he know the debris was actually thousands of years old. Later a more intact and much larger ship discovered near groom lake shocked researchers and military personal alike. Inside the largely intact ship was remarkably persevered documents that are apparently written in English, but the biggest shocker was the name of the ship; Atlantis. Shortly after the discovery Atlantis the US Army (later becoming an Air Force base) began construction of a top secret military research base to attempt to reverse engineer Atlantis technology.

With mounting sightings of UFOs the USAF began growing concern that either their proto type aircraft or if the people who created the Atlantis were observing Earth, the USAF began project blue book to determine if there was any validity. Though it was determined that no credibility threat exited and was work of natural phenomena. However fearing future leaks, the USAF began project Star Wars; by writing a fictional story and incorporating Atlantis technology (Such as the X wing fighters) and images of other technology and handing it off as movie script, so if the public would find any sightings of Atlantis technology it would easily discredited. As result George Lucas was given the script and for him to claim he wrote it. However the movie had unattended consequence, as it attracted the attention of the Soviet whom have found their own Atlantis known as the Troy. The Soviets threaten to go public, but through background talks President Carter managed to keep the news of the project a secret.

Early in 2011 with the election looming ahead the president ordered a bold plan to eventually reveal to the public using a cover that under his administration NASA created a faster then light drive in order to boost his ratings and garner more funding for the project, despite of concern that the hyperdrive is not ready for field test. As result the USS Pinta was launched using Russian made engines in order to make it to Pluto in time for the proposed October 1st launch of the USS Niña hyperspace live test run. As part of the deal for the Russian made engine, one Russian must accompany the crew on the USS Niña and if all goes well during the 5 hour journey recordings of the event will be released to the public. The hyperspace test went more remarkable than previously estimated as the journey only took one minute to complete.
Due to the initial success the production of the USS Santa Maria the vessel designed to explore outer space was sped up. However at the same time political pressure was mounting for more multinational body onboard the ship for space exploration. As result some 800 position are reserved are for multinational personnel, despite this both Russian and American personal are under strict orders not to mention anything about Atlantis instead claim that all technology was developed by NASA. The journey is expected to take approximately 290 days to arrive.

Some Technology notes:
USS Santa Maria
Crew: 4,000 (counting 800 multinational support) with additional Passenger: 2,000 troops for protection
Cargo: 40 Fix wing aircraft (24 SF-1 Aurora and 16 Su/Mig-47 Ferret) and the USS Niña

SF-1 Aurora: Manufactured by joint venture with Boeing and Lockheed Martin SF-1 Aurora resembles an X-Wing Fighter and thus often nicked name X-Wing by crew. Uses X-Wing Fighter stats, but lacks hyperspace engines.
SU/Mig-47 Ferret: created by joint venture by Sukhoi and Mikoyan and resembles Y-Wing and thus also nicked name Y-wing. and uses Y-Wing fighter stats, but lacks hyperspace engines.

Personal shields: Each personnel is given a personal shield, and it seems to be bit variable in strength because no matter the quality of manufacture it can vary widely or improve over time. The Atlantis describe shields as based on the person inner force strength even if they themselves can't wield the force. So for the most part HP represent by your personal shield.

Hyperspace engine: Space is not uniformly malleable as result different area require stronger hyperspace engines to initiate or travel through. Old Atlantis hyperspace lanes describe sometimes it takes a passage of day or even up to weeks using sublight drives to reach a malleable area of space to enter hyperspace. At the moment the fighters lack hyperspace engines due to lack of miniaturization of the drives.

Refrigeration: Perishable goods are not of problem as Atlantis refrigeration that were still operational contained fresh food even after 70 thousand years of storage.

Character rules

I'm looking 4-5 players
Level: 5
PB 32
Bonus Feat: Force Sensitive
Race: Humans only
Special: Lightsaber and force training is not selectable as there is no working examples on or holocrons found and attempts at rediscovering how to use the force seem to produce no viable results. Though one can reserve feat, talents and skill training for when they actually get trained in the force. For example starting as a Jedi would and selecting weapon focus and weapon specialization lightsaber will be unproficient until a knight or master trains them.

Time Saturday afternoon 4pm EST

Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:18 am
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