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Author:  MonkeyDLuffy [ Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Help?

Unsure if this topic or request is ok in this server, but, if it's not I do appologize.

I am wondering if there are any Minecraft Veterans out there, or any one who is interested in helping me? I have discvoered a Minecraft Spin off that is free, and I plan on building a DnD Map, a entire kingdom, complete with castles, villages, towns, cities, dungeons, places of note, and more. It's a rather big job for only 2 people, so I am hoping I can get help from DnD Players, or those who enjoy D20 systems, a fully 3D Map has never been done before, so, I thought it'd be cool :) If this topic is not allowed here, then, I do appologize, I am not spamming, if you guys could help me that'd be cool! if not, oh well. :P

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