GM looking for a player for a Lvl 10 gestalt
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Author:  acstrife [ Mon May 07, 2012 11:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GM looking for a player for a Lvl 10 gestalt spot.

Everyone will get a chance to show what they can do. Im, just waiting for folks to finish thier sheets, unless they are finished as is.

Author:  Funktasticdog [ Tue May 08, 2012 3:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GM looking for a player for a Lvl 10 gestalt spot.

I'm done, I looked up the rules, and I found out that my attack bonus is actually 4d8+3, not 3d8+3.

Author:  acstrife [ Thu May 10, 2012 7:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GM looking for a player for a Lvl 10 gestalt (spot fille

Alright after careful consideration I have made my choice for whom is going to have the spot for the game.

Thank you for your interest everyone.

Author:  Funktasticdog [ Thu May 10, 2012 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GM looking for a player for a Lvl 10 gestalt (SPOT FILLE

I guess it's not me then... *sigh*

Author:  acstrife [ Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GM looking for replacement players for a Lvl 10 gestalt

Hello all, I happened to lose two of my players due to work schedules. I am in the market for hopefully a cleric if anyone is willing. (Since we do not have one now)

The time for this game is negotiable, but my times are anytime during the weekdays after 4pm, and anytime 8am- 3am on weekends EST.

PC's we have: Male Human fighter/rogue, Male Copper half dragon monk/sorceror


*There are two kingdoms to be recognized here, The grand kingdom of Caladan in the north, and on the outskirts of the desert the small kingdom of Ishgar. The kingdom of Caladan for centuries has been ruled by the royal family of the Caladans. Generations of their noble family has ruled there. Quite recently in the past decade the Current King of Caladan has been making brazen moves to -defend- his kingdom from threats. Quite recently there WAS a conflict between the merfolk and sea creatures that live in the ocean near Caladan. They were attacking merchant ships and hindering trade overseas. Prince Vigo Caladan the 1st heir to the throne vowed to his father he would eliminate the threat of the sea folk. And in a few short years he crucified them and made them surrender. But not before executing all sea creatures they captured as a reminder to Caladans might. The Kingdom of Ishgar was founded 30 years ago by many races that found themselves not anymore in favor with Caladan or any other kindgom. They banded together to make their own monarchy. The races vary from dwarves, bastets, leonins(those who broke their code of honor), lizardfolk, half dragons, and anything else you could imagine lived there under its protecting borders. They currently have a shaky relationship with the kingdom of Caladan as there has been disagreements. In particular Prince Vigo. The current King of Caladan wary and tired of the last conflict is not eager to start another conquest. Hence why he keep his 1st born in check for that reason. There is also rumor the King of Caladan had a 2nd son as well , but that is merely rumor.

The characters at current are investigating a cult after the church of Pelor has sent them to investigate the Mines in the North to find out why they are not producing their normal shipment of metals. On the way there Kerren the bastet fighter/scout has been harassed for the past few days by bastet bandits led under a tribal leader by the name of Fusek. The party has come under attack from these bandits on the way of crossing the wasteland to get to the Mines. The party has now split now leaving two characters exploring the mines in search of the source of the evil of this cult.

The characters are all gestalt.

We use a 32 point buy system for ability purchase

All Hp is maxed

Our exp level is 10

Races: Core races allowed, other races you have to run by me first.

Foreign races that I have allowed: Bastet, Leonin (both have been altered you may ask for their specifics), Half celestial, half dragon, anything else you will have to ask me about.

Items: At start 42,000 gold will be assigned for you to purchase items only from the DMG1 book.

As any Warrior, fighter, barbarian etc, you may only purchase potions, armor and weapons with enhancements only. EX: +2 longsword, or +1 longbow or +2 chain shirt. (you are permitted to use special metals if you want to pay the extra costs out of the DMG1.)

As a magical class such as Bard, Sorcerer, or Cleric you may buy wands, scrolls, potions, weapons, or staffs.

As a bard you may buy weapons, any light armor, potions, scrolls or Wands.

As a monk you may purchase weapons, potions, or a monk belt from the DMG1

Warlock may purchase weapons, light armor, potions, or a (lesser or greater) Chausible of Fell Power (p.148 complete arcane)

There have been quite a number of questions about item creation, and i should address that. You may take the item creation feats as normal. However I do not allow item creation when someone is creating a character new. I do allow times when the item crafter can make his or her items in a reasonable manner so that the feat is being used at a decent rate.

Feats: All Core Feats from the books PHB1, MM1. and PHB 2 are welcome, except for Natural Spell, and Leadership. Any other Foreign feats must be approved by me.

Classes: Any from the PHB1 are fine, any from a foreign book has to be approved by me. (some of the classes off the top of my head that are ok: Warlock, artificer, knight, ninja, favored soul, scout)

PrC's: No PrC's will be permitted in this game. They are only permitted in game if you can role play or earn the PrC properly.

House rules:

There is no summoning spells in this game. (Druids from the PHB1 will be replaced with a variant druid which will also replace the wild shape ability. (In addition they will have the ability to swap any spell out for an equal level -vigor- spell)

Upon death there is no XP penalty applied.

Magical items are harder to come by in my game, to supplement this I have devised a decent patch to cover this: (I have given monks a break since they depend on magic items to stay competitive, so I made this is reasonable as I could)

EX:Ability score bumps work just like how a ranger's favored enemy works. You will pick a (1st) abilty, and when that comes up say you pick Strength. Every times a Ability points (1st comes up only strength gets bumped. You pick Dexterity for (2nd), and when the ability points (2nd) comes up only dexterity goes up and so on and so forth.

1st: +2 ability points(1st)
2nd: +1 to all saving throws
3rd:+2 ability points (1st)
-4th: Bonus Feat (fighter/monk OR metamagic/item creation)**
5th: +2 ability points (2nd)
6th: +1 to all saving throws
7th: +2 ability points (1st)
-8th: Bonus Feat (fighter/monk OR metamagic/item creation)**
9th: +2 ability points (2nd)
10th: +1 to all saving throws
11th: +2 ability points (3rd)
-12th: Bonus Feat (fighter/monk OR metamagic/item creation)**
13th: +2 ability points (1st)
14th: +1 to all saving throws
15th: +2 ability points (2nd)
-16th: Bonus Feat (fighter/monk OR metamagic/item creation)**
17th: +2 ability points (3rd)
18th: +1 to all saving throws
19th: +2 ability points (4th)
-20th: Bonus Feat (fighter/monk OR metamagic/item creation)**

** Monks can take the Improved Natural Armor Feat, and/or Improved Natual Attack Feat even if they do not meet the requirements as a monk bonus feat only in regards to this list.

In English this will be in ADDITION to the normal ability points you get every 4 levels, and the feats you get at 1st and 3rd then every 3 levels after to compensate for the loss of magical items. I wanted to have magical items more rare so they are appreciated more. And it gives the magical classes more sway and look more mystical.

My rules:

Please be on time, or I will have to dock the percentage of xp that you are late of a session. In addition if you do this too many times I will replace you.

Please show up, or you will get no xp and you will fall behind. I will not play your character for you. (if you warn me by email in a reasonable amount of time that you will be late or not there, I -try- work out something with you.)

No Players vs. Players fighting lethally situations, I have read and witnessed quite a few bouts and they always end up badly. Do not do it or it will be taken care of swiftly.

Please show respect to players and the GM, and you in turn will be treated fairly in return.

Please, no evil characters. I will allow neutral characters, but if you give them no reason to go out and adventure I don't want to see them or you'll make another character.

That's all i can think of for the moment:

Here is my email to get a hold of me ------> acstrife@gmail.com

I also have a AIM you can ask for it by email if you prefer that.

Author:  Diablo112383 [ Sat Apr 20, 2013 11:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GM looking for a player for a Lvl 10 gestalt

Heya, is this game still running? I might be interested in joining.

my character idea would be a Shadow Tiefling Rogue/Psion

If prcs are permited, i might also work shadowdancer in there in place of the rogue half of the gestalt once he qualifies. ((though PRCs and Gestalting do not mix well, so i'm not expecting a green light there LOL))

if you are one of those "OMGPSIONICSREVIL" dms, then i can manage with wizard instead :-p

not sure what book the Shadow Template is in, but i believe it's +2, and tiefling is your basic +1 la race.

I will Email you too.

you can also reach me on AIM at Inferno112383

am reading this houserule bonus chart correctly? If i am correct and have indeed read it right, a 10th level character would have
+6 to one attribute
+4 to another attribute
+3 to all saving throws
2 bonus feats

Author:  acstrife [ Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GM looking for a player for a Lvl 10 gestalt

I responded to you by email, there are still a slot or two available.

Author:  Diablo112383 [ Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GM looking for a player for a Lvl 10 gestalt

gotcha :)
currently playing email tag with ya :)

Author:  acstrife [ Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GM looking for a player for a Lvl 10 gestalt

Thank you all for the emails, I am going as quickly as I can to sift through all the people who submitted for the 2 slots.

Please make sure all whom applied, have your sheets filled out, especially spell casters. If you got spells, or feats from a different book please note the Acronym for the book and page number for my easy reference.

I will let you know when I made a selection.

Author:  Diablo112383 [ Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GM looking for a player for a Lvl 10 gestalt

it looks like after all this planning i'm not going to be able to actually play -_-
thank you for chatting with me though, acstrife i look forward to future conversations with you :)
to the rest of you, have fun! :)

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