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 Running A First Edition Robotech Game Mondays 
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Post Running A First Edition Robotech Game Mondays
Hi, I wish to Run a Robotech First Edition Game, mondays, set in 2028, in the period of the Army of the Southern Cross's tenure as the worlds main defense force and protectors and oppresors at the same time...

Some Notes About My Game:

----The Stay Behind UEDF/RDF is Still Around, it is smaller then the ASC and only has a Few Major Bases, but many, many smaller bases, it operates from..... they have a semi-not so friendly rivaly with the ASC.... The Stay Behind UEDF Operates the Newer UEEF/REF Style Mecha, albeit Nuclear Powered, since the UEEF/REF Took the lions share of Protoculture supplies with it.

----The Rogue Zentraedi are still around in numbers and a threat... In north amereica Rogue zentraedi are confinded to the Arkansas Protectorate, and Wasteland areas ... In south America thare are still many in the Zentraedi Control Zone Backed by the power of of the city of Manaus... Many are still active also in the African Congo, and South East Asia and Borneo, and many operate in the European and Asian Wastelands....

----Full-Sized and Micronized Zentraedi are Availble as Player Characters... Zentradi can Be either First Generation cloned Zents, or Second Generation Naturally born ones (max starting age of 16 for the later).

----Tirolian Chars are Available too, they aren't part of the master's invasion fleet (that don't happen till 2030) but were a part of the garrison troops of the Robotech Factory the UEDF/RDF Captured..... it was decided to thaw them out of stasis and fit them into human society..... some have gone rebel, while some are productive citizens, and Some Have Joined the UEDF/RDF.

----The UEG does not control the Earth, only 30% of it... there are scores of small independant nations called, coloquially.... Baronies, these vary from just democracys who want no part of the UEG to draconian dictatorships who want no part of the UEG....

----The Eastern Bloc Soviet Independant State (E.B.S.I.S. for short) and Argentine Merchant Republic are the most powerful Independant states

----Mercenarinare are common, and so are international wars, Even the UEDF and ASC hire the more reputable mercs as auxiliaries for situation that either require some deniability, or dangerous situations they do not wish to spend their own troops in...

----the older, Macross Mecha are still around in numbers (because the factories for em were spread out all over the globe, they fell into many sessionist nations' hands).... Note that since every tom dick and harry had the UEDF/RDF Mecha, it prompted the UEDF/RDF, UEEF/REF and ASC to switch out and design new types.... The Macross mecha, E.B.S.I.S. and Merchant Republic Mecha, and (Modified) Zentraedi Mecha are the most comman mecha in independant hands... Some UEEF/REF and ASC mecha have fallen into independant hands as well, but ususally are stolen, or salvaged and rebuilt (Sometime varying from their original design specs when rebuilt)...

----Large tracts of land are unclaimed by any one power... and are designated "International Territories", in exactly the same way the oceans in pre war times were designated international waters....

----The PCs will play the role of Scavengers/Soldiers of Fortune for the Good Guys, fighting for the little guy, and thumbing their noses at the jack-booted ASC.

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Post Re: Running A First Edition Robotech Game Mondays

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You need to get ahold of Yahoo and change your password right away.

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Please let me know if you can help me out?

I'm freaked out at the moment!!

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