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 Star Trek RPG;looking for RP intensive folks 
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Post Star Trek RPG;looking for RP intensive folks

I am just wanting to test the waters on interest for some campaigns. I am a member over at Mayhem Gaming and I am trying to recruit a few places to garner some interest. If cross site recruiting is a no no please let me know.

I have an idea for 3 to 6 players(could accommodate more with some prep).

Something set around 10 years after the last Next Gen movie. up to 80% of the players could even be civilians or just non Fed. I am thinking an outpost along contested space south of the Mutara Nebula near the edge of Fed space between the Gorn Hegemony and the Tama Federation.

The Federation will be expanding looking for more members and a smaller diplomatic outpost will be assembled in neutral space and will the staging ground for scientific and recruitment efforts in several star systems. As far as the campaign goes it would be more of a DS9 style setting yet will be in truly neutral space wedged between the 2 minor superpowers of the Tamans and the Gorns. The Klingons also lurk close by and when I post the map large areas of space generally unexplored by anyone. I want a DS9 gritty feel with a late next gen explorationa nd first contact opportunities. Not to far away that earth and the core of the alpha quadrant isn't reachable but it isn't near spots visited very often in the shows. Maybe 2 o 3 episodes took place there. I also would like to leave it open to to 'true civilian' players with no affiliation at all.

I forgot to mention it will start on a smaller space station than that of DS9. Any ships used reguarly will also be smaller yet of newer varieties. Saber, Norway, etc. I am leaning towards a Saber class. Small, fast, and tough.

There will be action on and off of stations, ships, and planets. I intend to involve all aspects of the Star Trek lore from across many shows.

Even though you do not need to be a huge fan of Trek to play we will need a few folks that are at least reasonably familiar with the show and its canon to play the Fed officers.

System: I am 80% likely to use CODA but LugTrek is not of of the question. A friend and I are considering using the NWod rules as a basis for playing for speed and simplicity, but that would me a major undertaking.

Interface: Game will be played on the Mayhem Gaming server. OpenRPG and 90% likely using Ventrilo if all the players were open to it(although I may be just going with text chat, who knows.)
. I don't mind typing it all out but will need to get a better keyboard because my laptop would be uncomfortable after a while.

Times: I am thinking either every other Wed, Sat, or Sun night. 2 meetings a month would be all I could manage with a new kid and work/family responsibilities. I am GMT -6 (I think anyways. Oklahoma USA if it helps) and I would prefer 3 to 5 hrs of roleplay a session starting around 7 PM.

Requirements: None really other than the obvious. I would like players to be online, prepared, and ready to play 10 mins before start time. If you can't make it at least 24 hrs notice would be best but any notice is better than none. As far as books go, I havent seen a post on the sharing of PDF's of game systems on Mayhem and don't want to step on any toes so please correct me if I am. I can provide any and all source material via PDF if anyone wants it but after character creation you don't really need it. A simple, "I would like my guy to be a techie that can shoot well and is good looking.", is enough for me to help suggest skill paths and character growth. A firm grasp of the rules isn't wholly necessary either. 99% of the time simply suggesting a course of action and I can let you know which skills apply.

Summ up: Mainly its a just show up and play game. Episodic yet intertwined plot lines. If you get tired of playing we can rotate your guy out and new people in. I prefer we stay in character most of the time and I want to know if no one is having fun. I would like to run a pilot and gauge prolonged interest after that.

Timeline: Character creation between now and mid January with the campaign starting late January early February. The campaign will consist of 8 to 20 episodes per season and we can rotate out characters and advance timelines between seasons.

Contact Info:

Please contact me here on at my email with any questions. I have one RL bud who is gonna play possibly 2 and would like to get 2 to 4 of the guys here and get to know some folks.

I have another few ideas for campaigns in other systems so please look for my posts.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

chris mata I am Varik on the gaming server. FYI.

Sun Dec 20, 2009 8:24 pm
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