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 Recruiting players for Wed Night 3.5 DnD (Recruiting) 
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Post Re: Recruiting players for Wed Night 3.5 DnD
I would have to look at it first, Pent. If you let me know book and page I'll let you know.

Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:53 pm

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Post Re: Recruiting players for Wed Night 3.5 DnD
About the Noble Class, that's fine, I actually discovered a class named Noble in the Dragonlance settings book. It's similar but less beefed up. I'm quite happy with it. If you don't have that book I can upload it to my 4shared account for you. :)

As for the Half Vampire, I had already planned on using the Charm Gaze instead of the other two. I did decide on Lawful Neutral, if that helps at all. As a player I do frown on inter PC fighting, but you'll have to play with me to see that. I tend to look at harming my group as harming myself. I need them to get through whatever it is we're doing. If you'd like to keep the Charm Gaze 'deactivated' until you feel you can trust me, that's fine. Toss in some minor quest to unlock that ability within me later on or something, Idk.
Either way I'm willing to try and work that out. It's the only template I liked that is built into HeroForge, so I'd like to keep it lol.

Speaking of HeroForge, I'll assume you haven't heard of it, if you have I'm sorry. But it's a character creation program built out of Excel. I make all my characters with it so I've just gotten used to having lots of options. It has many of the books built in. (It's how I discovered the Dragonlance Noble) So I'm going to link you to my current character sheet and the HF file so you can examine those.
I'll also upload the screen shots of my rolls, and the program I used to roll them, so you may examine that as well.
If you'd like me to reroll a different way, I have no issue with that, this was mostly just so I could get my ideas flushed out. So I can of course change things in the sheet as well, and may tweak things for personal preference anyway.

May I ask why you feel the Noble won't fit the setting well? If it's actually a problem I'm sure I can find a new character idea to work with.
X talking about his mage made me realize I could probably play an inventor, or even combine an inventor with my diplomat.

Character Sheet: Image
HeroForge File: Sarah Rothstien Dragonlance Noble.xls
My Stats: Image (I did switch 2 of them from the final placing showed in the picture, but the numbers are the same as you'll see within the FH file)
"Roll Again" Button: Image (Incase a DM allows the rerolling of a total under 8, the Roll Again button rerolls that single set. I personally didn't use it, but I thought you might ask about it.)
D20 Toolbox: D20 ToolBox.exe (I actually made this myself several years ago back in high school as a final project. You're free to make sure it does what it claims to, but it's just a random number generator. You're free to use it yourself as well.)

Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:06 pm

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Post Re: Recruiting players for Wed Night 3.5 DnD
Using the Charm Gaze is fine, I'm just concerned about the party as a whole with regards to such abilities.

The problem I had with the first Noble class posted was mostly balance issues. If you'll give me a link to the Dragonlance class (PM'd is fine) I'll give it a look see and let you know what I think.

I have played with HeroForge a few times, I'm not a big fan. Just personal preference.

The only problem I see is with the stat rolls. I'm like you to use 3D6+6,Drop Lowest,Reroll 1s.

Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:45 pm

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Post Re: Recruiting players for Wed Night 3.5 DnD
Alrighty, I misread what you wanted for rolls the first time, I'll redo them :)

Just to clarify, this is what you mean right?
Rolled in Maptools

Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:08 pm

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Post Re: Recruiting players for Wed Night 3.5 DnD
No, that is not correct. The problem comes down to the order of rolling, rerolling, and dropping the lowest. Technically the outcome is correct, but the order looks wrong. To make it a little easier, [3d6.takeHighest(2).minroll(2)+6] That is the syntax for rolling properly in Traipse/OpenRPG.

Ok, the problem I have with this Noble is the Favor class ability. There is too much about it that is left open to interpretation. Again it mostly comes down to not having played with you before. If I knew your play style I would be more inclined to allow it even with my concerns. Also, I don't think you are going to be able to use it very often in this campaign. I'm trying not to give away any specific details before we start, but I will say that it would be unavailable at the start because of location in the world. It seems to me that a Bard would give you more/better 'stuff' to play with from the start than the Noble would. That being said, I don't really know what you want out of the character other than to be a diplomat.

Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:17 am

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Post Re: Recruiting players for Wed Night 3.5 DnD
This is X's take on it:

A better way to look at it would be something along the lines of:

new set = 6,4,5

stat total is 6, 5, 6


ones get rerolled - first step
drop the lowest of the three rolled - second step
add a single 6 - last step

total becomes 17

Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:34 am

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Post Re: Recruiting players for Wed Night 3.5 DnD
A diplomat can, from a mechanics point of view, really be any class that has access to the diplomacy skill and a high(ish) Charisma. Maybe if we knew more of what the concept was outside of a diplomat. Now, if you're willing to ROLE play the diplomacy... that could, potentially, be done with any class assuming you wanted to act it out.

So far, in my gaming time, I've seen Monks, Priests, Bards, Thief/Rogues, Fighters, Druids, Sorcerers, Wizards, and even a few classless NPC's be excelent diplomats... Yes, I do think it is kind of odd that I've never seen a Paladin play a good diplomat... I've played as one, but I don't really consider that seeing it done...

So, more character history/flavor/story would be fantastic to help (me at least) figure out potential suggestions if you would like my assistance.

Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:56 am

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Post Re: Recruiting players for Wed Night 3.5 DnD
So... I did it exactly as X did it...
I rolled the 3d6s = 6,2,1
one of them was a 1, so I rerolled it.
That left me with 6,6,2
The 2 was dropped
The final 6 was added for a total of 18 (I derped and typed 12 at first.)

And I'm fine with not being able to use the Favor until later in the game. It states you have every right to deny a favor if you don't think it's a good idea for the game.
I'll most likely multiclass into bard later, but Noble must be taken at first level. It doesn't say I can't multiclass though, I would assume doing so would be similar to focusing on a hobby or trade for a while before returning to your 'noble' duties.

I plan on playing a diplomat, who joined the party for reasons unknown to me, but will eventually develop her own land. Be it a private estate, or actually being granted a barony or some such. By game's end, I'd like her to retire as a noble with land and subjects. Any more details on that would depend on how things go. If she ends up broke and downtrodden, she may only have a maid. I wouldn't like that of course but it's possible.

I know very little, if anything, of the steampunk setting we are using, but I've also added Craft: Clockworks as a skill. Call it a hobby if you will, but it also gives me another direction to take the character later on. Owning a business would be nice too.

She'll function in the party as a talker with small amounts of combat ability. Having never played a high power campaign I don't know for sure, but for a normal power one she seems like she can survive combat as long as she's smart about it. If need be I may add a few levels of Swashbuckler down the line too.
I plan on using her high diplomacy to my, and the party's advantage. Unless the party has a problem with it, I'll try to help us avoid combat whenever possible. When we want a fight, say so, and I'll shut my trap. :)

I can't say I'd dislike having extra skill points and knowledge skills, and I'm sure I can duplicate the Favor ability with diplomacy since they're somewhat similar, but I would like at least one level of this under my belt for story purposes.
And again, feel free to place whatever limitations you'd like on the Favor ability. I can only use it once a month anyway with a +1 bonus xD
Plus I'd assume favors would have to be repaid at some point. If that helps.

I'm really not after lots of awesome stuff to work with. I have a set goal for the character, and I'm going to try to get her there by way of this campaign. If her end goals are not possible in this campaign that's another story. But as long as they are, even if she has to struggle for them, that's what I'd like to do.
If we're trapped in a jungle full of orks for the entire campaign, but there's even one port that new people occasionally show up on, there's still potential to become the region's largest logging industry :) After the party clears the area of baddies of course ;)
And I'm sure such a character can find ways to help the other party members meet their final goals as well.

History and such would be neigh impossible for me to create knowing almost nothing about the history or current state of the world we're playing in.
I'm more than willing to ROLE play my diplomacy as well, but I like to keep the related skills as well, I try to role play the character, not myself.

Also I added a rough draft for the Magic Item to the 4shared folder. 100,000gp exact.

Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:12 am

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Post Re: Recruiting players for Wed Night 3.5 DnD
On the other hand... I'm currently downloading the IK books, or some of them, idk how many there are... but I've just glanced at the Player's Handbook. There's a lot of knowledges... and there's even a Union where you can become a factory manager or owner... I forsee a bard or wizard going this route... Or a rogue with the Scholar background... o.0
It'd be another way to get to the same goal I think. Or a similar one anyway.

Would you prefer/recommend I do that instead?
Though I'd probably still keep Noble at first level at least... Just move my extra points into knowledges and crafts.

Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:02 am

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Post Re: Recruiting players for Wed Night 3.5 DnD
I don't mean/want to try and tell you how to create/play your character by any means. The biggest problem with forming an online group for games is the fact that I haven't played with most of you before. As a DM I want to make sure that the game is fun and balanced for everyone, and trying to make that happen is hard with new people. Until I get to know your play style it is hard for me to know how you will use certain spells/abilities, and that makes me worry about keeping everything fun and balanced. I'm sure that after we start playing I will realize that there was no need for me to worry about any of your creation choices.

That all being said, if you want to take the noble class you can. Now that I know a bit more about what you want out of the game as a whole; I better understand they way you want to build your character. In no way do you have to be a noble to gain lands, titles, kingdoms, etc. I can't say that being a noble wouldn't help your cause in some places of the world, but as far as I'm concerned you can write 'Noble' into your characters back story and have it be as effective. Build the character you want to play and if we have to we will tweak it later.

I really hope I have not come off as complete jerk during this starting process.

Ahh, history. I've run campaigns in this world so often that I forget it's helpful for new players to know what's happened before.
A brief ancient history:

The world was once a whole a beautiful place where all was at peace. All land was one with no one peoples holding sway over another. That was, before the coming of the Lord of Demons, Ka'Hatal. Ka'Hatal brought the first strife and madness to the godless world causing all peoples to rise against each other. Worst among them was the human race. Man sought land, wealth, and power by any means. They divided the world with their ambition as their puppet master watched with malicious glee. The Ordo Arcanus (the ruling body of man comprised of Arcane casters) rent the world asunder, creating the mouth of the world and the gate into the Abyss. From the Abyss, Ka'Hatal took his first steps into the material plane.

The Overdeity Zan'Takat, tired of Ka'Hatal's needless destruction of mortal races, tasked a newly formed Pantheon with ridding the small world of it's menace. Each deity in the new pantheon chose and empowered champions among all the mortal races to resist and overthrow Ka'Hatal. Though many would try and fail, a group of five champions (the first party to adventure in this world) would ultimately succeed in discovering his flaw. With the knowledge of Ka'Hatal's weakness the champions returned to their Deities with the way to defeat him. The deities then came together as a whole and emerged onto the material plane to do battle with Ka'Hatal. The battle raged for a century, splitting the world into five major continents, and ended in only a marginal victory for the deities. The deities, weakened from the long struggle, no longer had the power to destroy Ka'Hatal, so they trapped him. They split his mind, body, and will into three pieces and left them in the care of their champions. His mind was bound into a book made from his hide, his body bound to his skinned hand made into a glove, and his will bound into a crystal wand. The champions were to guard the items until the deities regained enough strength to destroy him once and for all. But that never came, a new pantheon (the standard D&D pantheon) rose from the mortal races. Taking advantage of the deities weakness, the new pantheon destroyed them and took their place. Thus Ka'Hatal and the champions were lost to myth.

A brief modern history:

Two thousand years ago the world was a settled and civilized place, for most races. The human race had been herded to the small island of Sisla for the genocide of Dragons and Orcs. There, the Company was tasked with keeping the human population under control. The Company contracted adventurers to patrol the interior of the island for a generous fee. It was there that five lone adventurers (the last party to adventure in this world) were assigned to patrol the middle of the island from the northern coast to the mouth of the world at the southern coast. The party was in the employ of the Company for a mere six months before fulfilling their contracts by discovering and turning in an Evil Minor Artifact. They then remained on the island working freelance for the Company, dealing with extraordinary problems. The first of such problems was a murder in the sleepy mountain village of Deepwood. In the midst of their investigation they found a secret room under the local church. In the room was what remained of Ka'Hatal. This was the beginning of the end of one of the adventurers, she eventually turned on her friends, and became a Thrall to Ka'Hatal. The group of legendary adventurers is now known only for their defeat of the reborn Ka'Hatal. It is told that they took Ka'Hatal to the Death of Gods, where deities go to die, and watched as the Death of Gods destroyed him. Their deeds will always be remembered, but their names have already been lost to time.

After the destruction of Ka'Hatal and the mysterious disappearance of the Company's leader, the Captain, the island of Sisla was thrown into chaos, everyone reaching to attain control of the island. There was only a short time before the adventurers claimed the center of the island for themselves. No more than a decade later the adventurers' kingdom was formed and prosperous. Shortly after the island settled into an uneasy peace, a plague sprang up along the coasts quickly working inland. The adventurers, seeking to protect all the inhabitants of the island set out to find the cause and rid themselves of it. In the time it took them to find the source and snuff it out the plague had decimated the small island, leaving theirs the only kingdom left standing. Eventually the adventurers continued on in their separate ways, save for Sudhir. Sudhir stayed with the kingdom, guiding, and advising rulers for five centuries before ascending to godhood. In those five centuries, the kingdom became a vast empire encompassing a quarter of the globe.

Sudhir, a newly ascended god, drew the ire of gods good and evil alike. Seen to be a usurper of their power they sought to destroy him before he could take their power for his own. Sudhir, an unwilling participant, wanted nothing more to be returned to his old life, and did nothing more than defend himself. As god after god sought Sudhir's destruction they only succeeded in bringing about their own. The Overdeity Zan'Takat thought this a wonderful opportunity to bring back a pantheon much like the older gods. As Sudhir destroyed each deity, Zan'Takat granted him more power, and raised other or brought in new deities from other pantheons as he saw fit to fill the voids of power. After the violent shift of power, peace returned to both the heavens and the world.

I will post more later, the words are starting to blur together so it's time for sleep.

Sat Aug 27, 2011 5:09 am
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