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 Age Of Heroes: Dawn Of The Lich 2e DnD storyline campaign. 
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Post Age Of Heroes: Dawn Of The Lich 2e DnD storyline campaign.
The 3.5 system isnt working out with my idea for this campaign so I am moving it over to 2.0. Heres the storyline and what not.

Long ago, when the world was a peaceful place and evil was as scarce as star dust. A meteor from a distant world called “Gloadstrum” struck the world and had sent a shockwave of magic through out the world, humans were transformed into creatures so malevolent that unsatisfied with their own dark torment they tormented others.

Around one thousand years later, a pair of twins known as Foru and Thela, learned that some people were born with the innate ability to draw in and manipulate the energies that flowed through the air called magic.

They had identified “The Seven Energies” in which they named; Nature, Necromancy, Heaven, Arcane, Plant, Animal, and War.

Then the gods learned how to manipulate the seven energies, some of them discovering that they had the most power at it had became power hungry. In their quest for power they said ‘Why don’t we force the mortals to do what we want them to do, because then they cant get themselves in trouble’ The gods of good said ‘ NO!, They are living beings just like us, they deserve to choose for themselves!.’

So began “The Great Dispute”, which over time turned into the “First War” in which angel fought angel and god fought god.

The gods that had sided with the mortals were quickly losing, in their final desperation to win the war, they formed “The Orb”. An object of great power, they then summoned up the powers of the orb and banished the gods of evil to “The Three Hells”

During the war, twenty of the angels had done such great deeds that they had been granted a human body, with all the powers of the angels in them.

When the gods realized the power of the orb, and the destruction it could cause in the wrong hands, they summoned up it’s own powers and destroyed it. But, something went wrong, during the destruction of the orb a piece of it broke off and fell to earth. To later be discovered by the great and powerful mage known as Theela.

However, during “The Translation” The Heroes had lost all knowledge of who they really were.

Two of them were born to Theela, Rone and Thalorian.

When the gods realized that the Heroes had forgotten the knowledge of who they were, they sent angels down to award each of them a hero sword. A sword made from adamantite, the hardest metal in existence. And, taught them who they really were and about their powers and how to use them.

The great mage Theela had experienced a tragedy in her past, her mother had been violated against her will and then killed by the so called noble knights of the kingdom, Theela had been tied up and forced to watch and was going to be killed afterwards, but a group of traveling fighters happened to stop by and rescued her. The fighters raised her them selves after finding out that her family had been killed and taught her how to survive in the woods.

When they realized that she had “The Talent” for magic, they took her to the nearest tower of sorcery and gave her to the Mages, with the promise that they would return to retrieve her when she was done. She finished her training and waited for three years for them to return. .They never did.

Theela grew up in the tower, cursing the warriors that hadn’t returned and became quite an exceptional mage. She was able to hold her own in combat with the head of “The Council Of Magik”

Theela was on a trip for the Council when she met Thalo who she fell in love with.

Later on she built her own tower using magic and later had twins, Thalorian and Rone. She loved them more than anything else in the world, even more than the magic that flowed through the very air.

Years later she felt something calling to her from a mountain to the far west and went in search of it, leaving her two five year old sons with Thalo.

When she arrived she saw a cave entrance and deep inside the cave was a crystal, it was the purest crystal that she had ever seen, it seemed to dazzle her in its pureness. As she picked it up she immediately felt its power course through her very veins , she soon realized that by holding the crystal in her hand, it increased the amount of magic that she was able to draw in by nearly two hundred times its normal capacity.

Upon returning home, she found that her husband was in bed with another woman. In her grief and anger she summoned up her newfound power and summoned a pillar of flames that reduced them to nothing. Turning she saw her Thalorian and Rone curled up in the corner terrified, she walked over and offered comforting words and while using magic to erase the memory of her crime from their minds.

Theela spent the next thirteen years unlocking the secrets of “The Broken Piece” as she called it. As she studied it, she realized that she hadn’t aged, not even a little.

Her sons later came to her and told her what they were, and showed her their swords; “Sharpsteel” and “Stardust”.

By now, she was insane from her grief and realized how useful her sons could be for her. She explained to them her plan and asked them if they were willing to help her accomplish her plan. Both Thalorian and Rone agreed to help her in quest for revenge on the world that had caused her so much pain.

At the top of her tower, she raised the orb and used its powers to summon all of the evil creatures in the land, the Thell were the first, with their great dragon like wings and muscular body, and being great magicians by nature they were perfect for her cause. Then the Grellum, with their huge stocky bodies, bald head, and as tall as twelve feet or more, they were perfect for her ground troops. Then six of the heroes answered her call and came to her side lending her their power. Her infamous words rang throughout the valley “Come to me, join me in the destruction of those who would wish you harm, the destruction of people that have banished you, scorned you, and even murdered you!. If you serve me, I promise you power beyond the capacity that you’ll be able to hold!. Join me and together we will destroyed the ones who have done us wrong!” It was then the “The Dark Army” was formed.

The Twelve good heroes had by now realized what was going on and tried their best to rise their own armies and fight the spreading darkness. They led the Humans, Centaurs, and “The Fairy” into battle against the dark army. They quickly lost, the creatures just didn’t seem to die, they seemed stronger than they should be, and they slaughtered without any remorse, and they seemed to even enjoy the slaughter.

In their final attempt to destroy the lich all but two of them were killed, and those that were left fled. For three hundred years, Theela thrived and ruled, but during the end of the thee hundred years, she started to age, she quickly searched for a way to survive and found it, a ritual to change herself into an undead creature of her own devising known as a Lich.

The good heroes had by then realized their potential and traveled to the dwarven kingdom which lies deep in the mountains of the lost and was scarcely seen by mankind. They didn’t dare enter into the war, the war was none of their business they said quite frequently. There the heroes received the most flawless ruby in the world.

They traveled to The Liches tower and faced her in direct combat, they were able to trap her soul in the ruby, but the lich was able to retaliate and erase all of their memory. Thalorian was also caught in the blast of his mothers attack. And so “The Great Defeat” was accomplished.

He then realized the evil that flowed through his mothers veins and decided to put the stone under severe protection, to make sure no one would try to release her from the prison that she deserved. The tests he made comprised up of Knowledge, compassion, Courage, and intimidation. He had made it so that both evil and good was require to release her, something that he thought would never happen. The gods knew that one day lich would return, and upon seeing Thalorians attempt at protecting the stone, they gave him repentance for all the sins he had committed while under her rule, and reduced him to just a baby and stripped him of his hero hood but let him keep his “Rekka Form” and gave him to a man known as Sudarnit to raise him, hoping that one day, Thalorian would earn back the respect of the gods and earn his hero hood back. That day couldn’t come soon enough.

It has now been more than one thousand years since the defeat of the lich and the races of the world have all but forgotten about her. And that will be the worst mistake the world can ever make.
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