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 Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse 
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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Star System:- Utaybah

The Utaybah system is still in the stages of forming from stellar debris. The star itself is main sequence, but the disc of remaining material from its formation is at the planetoid stage. The system has tens of thousands of objects the size of large asteroids and what appears to be the slowly forming basis for up to 8 planets. The scouting reports for the region warn even the most hardened of pilots of the immense danger posed by the system

Lorrie Notes:- although there is a baronial sponsored research station here, your agents have picked up a marked high amount of Kammeran military activity, further analysis shows a 87 percent likely hood this area is being used to train elite pilots.


Star System:- Kammeran

The Kammeran System is the major fuel production centre for a large portion of the Non Aligned Territories, with trade flights in and out constantly. This is thanks to its extensive number of smaller gas giant planets. Most of these are high in levels of isotopic hydrogen and perfect suppliers of unrefined fuels. The Planet Kammeran VII is the seat of power for the Baron; Kammeran III is an industrial base which converts the raw fuel into refined starship fuel; Kammeran IV was a colonial world on which House Kammeran was attempting to create a perfect agricultural ecology, it suffered heavily in the invasion and the eco plan is only just getting back on track, it will becoming an additional breadbasket for the region an source of income.
The region is all but recovered from the Golam regency Invasion twelve years ago.

1 Sm Gas Giant
2 Sm Gas Giant
3 Rocky Planet T Thin 2.5 million (C4-IN) SM
4 Earthlike Planet/ Breathable Atmos /60% Hydration / 9.9 million pop / 1 Class 4, 1 Class 3, 2 Class 2 Starports / Medium Naval Base
5 Heavy Gravity / Thick Atmos (breathable) / 30% Hydration / 520,000 pop / 1 Class 3 Starport / small Naval base
6 SM Gas
7 Earthlike Planet / Breathable Atmos / 50% hydration / 854 million pop /1 Class 5, 1 Class 4 Orbital, 2 Class 3 starports/ Large Naval Base
8 Gas Giant
9 Sm Gas Giant
10 Sm Gas Giant
11 Large Gas Giant

Lorrie Notes:- There has been some unusual activity around the heavy gravity world, with several high ranking members of the court making low profile visits to it, the baron himself is one of these.


Star System:-Dakhilyah

The Dakhilyah system is another of the Kammeran baronial unrefined fuel sources. As yet an untapped resource, with only a skeleton crew placed on a fledgling refinery station on Dakhilyah II.

1 Small Gas Giant
2 Earthlike Planet/ Breathable Atmos /4% Hydration / 1500 pop / 1 Class 2 Starport

Lorrie Notes :- The person put in command of this station is a Hak abn Gurad, he is the volatile son of one of the Barons closest advisors, we think he has been put hre as a favour to the advisor to punish Hak, cooling his heels on this mundane and boring place well away from the glitz and glamour of court and well away from causing any more embarrassment to his family.


Star System:-Duru
Part of a recent bout of star formation, Duru is a blue giant star with a disk in the midst of planetoid formation. Much of the remaining debris is still in the form of particulate matter with few planetoids yet born.

Lorrie Notes:- a favoured place of elicit dealings, if there is any blackmarket found in the Kammeran cluster it can be found in the massive trade ships that ply back and forth through the trade lanes here , many stopping to ‘trade’ in groups at designated spots. The trick is knowing where those spots are.


Star System:-Liwa

Liwa is a prison system – with Liwa II as a heavy gravity prison and Liwa III as the standard gravity jail. During the Golam Regency invasion 11 years ago these planets were used as a dumping ground for the purges of the Kammeran nobility and military. During the Golam occupation the people on these worlds were left to rot with little concern for their welfare, when the Baron returned and liberated Liwa he found two worlds with many personel willing to join his cause and swell the ranks of his available personnel

1 Small Gas Giant
2 Heavy gravity Planet/ Breathable Atmos /40% Hydration / 32,000 pop / Medium Naval base
3 Earthlike Planet/ Breathable Atmos /35% Hydration / 9.5 million pop / Medium Naval base
4 Small Gas Giant

Lorrie Notes:- Te Governor of Liwa is a Golam Regency Noble, Turshin Feskar, the middle son of a Golam noble family he had been put in charge of the rebelling Liwa system and was ordered to starve them to death. He did not and used considerable forsight and planning to organise both planets into a cohesive survival group that could exist independent of the outside worlds. When the Golam withdrew they stranded Turshin here, the Baron offered him this position for working so hard to save his people.


Star System:-Bir Aziz

An extremely massive blue supergiant pulsar star with a mass in excess of 100 times the stellar average and a luminosity almost 2 million times normal. Bir Aziz is prone to massive coronal mass ejections which dwarf even the most extreme CMEs of GType stars. Two Golam fleets hang here lifeless, their ghostly hulls empty, the crew having been blasted into sterilised dust when due to Kammeran secret service action, they were subjected to the full force of Bir Aziz Pulsars.

Lorrie Notes:- it is said the ships are left there as a reminder from the Baron to anyone who would think to invade his systems, also it is rumoured, as an insult to the Ruskar Family, the Golam family who initiated and controlled the invasion of the Non Aligned territories, a family the Baron has publicly declared a personal feud against.


Star System:-Fudul

An Old White dwarf system at the very end of its like, A single space station orbits the star and is manned by a scientific crew who study the large amounts of huge comets that pass through the system.

Lorrie Notes:- Nothing ot see here, move along.


Star System:- Sudaynah

A Blue giant star some three times stellar average, Sudaynah is shrouded by the remnants of the nebula which gave birth to several other stars in the province.

Lorrie Notes:- there is a suspiciously large amount of military traffic passing through this system, possibly used for war games by the baron, likely used for Nebula based warfare training.


Star System:- Ayn Al Abd

Prior to the invasion the Any Al Abd system was the forward military base of House Kammeran, its population has been decimated by extensive barrages from Golam space borne weapons, it now has about 4% of its original population. Damage to the infra-structure is massive.

1 Rockball Planet/ Thin Corrosive Atmos /0% Hydration 500 pop / Small Naval base
2 Earthlike Planet/ Breathable Atmos /20% Hydration / 1.2 million pop / Medium Naval base

Lorrie Notes :- we believe under the cover of massive ‘recovery’ operations the baron has been rebuilding this system as a formidable military base, but this time going deep underground. We also believe the Barons interest in energy shielding systems is also tied to this system.

(More to come later)


Star System:- Ahar

The Ahar system contains three inhabited worlds, III, V and VII. The innermost planet is a hot world with massive underground mining complexes. The ore from these mines is extremely heavy in metals, particularly those used in ship construction. Its workforce was effectively placed under the yoke of slavery by the Golam invasion forces with entire families working the mine heads. The Golam invasion force also brought along its own slave labor force and most of them were placed here, being abandoned when the invasion force retreated. Once the system was liberated the workers were freed and offered a good wage and a massive increase to their living standards if they would stay and keep the mines going, the mines are now owned by the citizens of the planet and as a result of this the planet has one of the most varied and colorful societies in the Kammeran Cluster.
Ahar 5 is a heavy gravity world where the Kammeran military forces were customarily trained in survival and planetary combat The barracks here were used to imprison what remained of the Kammeran military when the Golam invaded, with threats of total orbital bombardment if they miss behaved. It has now been restored to full potential with the addition of more ground based anti starship weaponry.
Ahar VII is also a training world, but for Kammeran Special Forces units specializing in gorilla combat and evasion. As a result the Golam forces never successfully conquered the whole of Kammeran, a boast the baron does not use idly. The planet itself is being turned into a holiday world, and eco park as it contains one of the most diverse bio spheres in the Kammeran cluster.

1 Small Gas Giant
2 Small Gas Giant
3 Earthlike Planet/ Breathable Atmos /0.5% Hydration / 35.1 million pop / 2 Class 2 Starports / Medium Naval base
4 Rockball Planet/ Heavy Poisonous Atmos /0% Hydration 0 pop / automated science station
5 Earthlike Planet/ Breathable Atmos /62% Hydration / 1.3 million pop / 1 Class 3 Starports / Large Naval base
6 Large Gas Giant
7 Earthlike Planet/ Breathable Atmos /87% Hydration / 120 million pop /1 Class 1, 2 Class 2 Starports / Medium Naval base
8 Medium Gas Giant
9 Gas Super Giant

Lorrie Notes: It is said as a thank you for never letting Kammeran truly fall, the Baron has elevated the surviving guerrilla fighters to a new Rank of nobility ( a new knighthood especially created for them) and given them a marked input on overall defense tactics for the Cluster, These new elite knights have been put in charge of training all Kamemran ground troops.
The tropical holiday world is fast becoming one of the favored destinations for the pleasure cruises that ply their way through Kammeran, allthough this has increased trade in the system, the inhabitants of Ahar III feel they require a cut of this tourism trade and have been lobbying the Barons council.


Star System:- Kaleybar

The oldest star in the province, it is all but dead - its fires dimming an an increasing rate, its light almost out.

Lorrie Note:- This star system has been dubbed the Goth star, for some reason any who travel through it are overcome by a sad melancholy, popular destination for suicidals.


Star System:- Sarab

Sarab II is the only inhabited world in the system, with almost all of the population living in a settlement that has built up around the Scout base and barely functioning starport. it is the interstellar equivilant of the Old Earth 'Wild West' it is covered in rocky mountains, vast forests and deserts with deep small oceans.

1 Rockball Planet/ No Atmos /0% Hydration 0 pop
2 Earthlike Planet/ Breathable Atmos /72% Hydration / 500,000 pop /1 Class3 Starport / Scout base
3 Asteroid Belt
4 Small Gas Giant
5 Rockball Planet/ No Atmos /0% Hydration 0 pop

Lorrie Note:- This planets small population and vasts swathes of unexplored land and seas makes it a prime sight for a secret base and operations, as a result we consider it to be heavily infiltrated and used by the Kamemran secret security force 'The Hand of God'


Star System:- Bonab

The oldest of the blue supergiant stars in the province, there is no dust disk remaining.

Lorrie Note:- Move along, nothing to see here.


Star System:- Hashtrud

The smallest of the blue supergiants within the province, Hashtrud is still in the process of forming. Its dust disk is still in the early stages, with the first hints of the eddies that will become planetoids starting to appear. The disk itself is massive in size, perhaps large enough to create a system even more populous than that of Kammeran itself, a truly beautiful sight to behold it is the favored destination for the high end Pleasure cruises in Kammeran, also an area that has many glittering artificial space habitats, the playground of the rich, many of them have their own palatial retreats here guarded by their own private armies.

Lorrie Notes:- one of the main threats to the Baron is here, Mankar Droma, head of the Droma shipping corporation who has gathered quite a following of other trade magnates that thinks the Cluster should run by a cartel of all the main trade groups "To better the economic growth of the system for all" Till now Mankar has had no luck, the Barons popularity is great, and on the otherhand, Mankar is to powerful in some social circles for the Baron to do anything about him.


Star System:- Lan

A Blue supergiant star some 40% larger than stellar average, twice the average mass and around eight times as bright. Lan II is a small planet around which the Main naval shipyard for the Kammeran province is located. The Bashir-Khan super station is colossal and houses the crew and families as well as being the most heavily armed and armored structure in the system, with enough power to have held of the entire Golam invasion fleet until Lan was liberated by the Baron.

1 Rockball Planet/ No Atmos /0% Hydration 0 pop / Very high mineral content
2 Earthlike Planet/ Breathable Atmos /42% Hydration / 41 million pop /1 Class 1 Starport / Large Military base

Lorrie Note:- The shipyard here produces far more military vessels than we first believed, having observed it for a while, what we note as Kammeran military designed have been seen as far as the pirate queen Cobalt. We believe a major source of income, the baron has been supplying high class military vessels to the rest of the non aligned military clusters.
More importantly, we have noted this shipyard is only capable of building vessels up to the heavy cruiser class, The Baron has vessels of far more massive scale within his fleet, and we suspect somewhere in the cluster is another hidden shipyard.
We have managed to secure a basic data readout of the station.

Sat Oct 13, 2012 10:11 am
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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Well sorry about the sudden departure last game session, but I only had half an hour to pick my car up fro mthe shop!

On another note, I will be unavailable next Saturday, I thought I could have it free but it looks like i am going to be doing a lot of running around and ferry duties for my brother in laws wedding.

Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:12 pm

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
I'll definitely try to run a social session in place of the regular game. It'll give me some time to set aside to work on some things I'm far behind on (Sword, Shield, and Dagger final specs, for instance), and it's always entertaining to just hang out with everyone who shows. Yes, even you.

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Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:02 am

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Don't know what you are talking about, D.

Tue Oct 23, 2012 8:51 am

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Sorry to but in, and feel free to delete this message, but was reading and this game seemed very interesting, would you happen to have any open slots?

Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:55 pm

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
This is still going on, fucking great whats up guys!

Tue Oct 30, 2012 4:10 am

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Mehlo, not saying we do have space (that's mostly up to the GM), but we tend to encourage prospective players to sit in on a session or two, and generally welcome lurkers.

Sessions usually start ~6am Eastern time on Saturdays. There always seems to be some confusion round-about this time because GM is a Brit and their DST changes different from America, so if someone has a heads-up on that, it would be appreciated.

Mir, pretty much same-old, same-old.

Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:12 pm

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Our daylight saving shift happened Sunday for us Brits, so there will be an hours difference this week.

Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:41 pm

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
The problem is nobody ever seems to be able to figure out which way to go.

Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:01 pm
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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Are you saying I give you to many paths?


Mehlo, you are welcome to watch!

Mriya, what do you mean ' still going' Mekton is life! Mekton will be around forever!

See you all tomorrow.
PS, anyone got a copy of Mekton Plus I can borrow, cant seem to find mine.

Fri Nov 02, 2012 4:50 pm
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