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 Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse 
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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
No problems SAFF!

it will be a short game tonight anyway, cant stay much past 12 my time as i have a very early dental appointment.


Sun Feb 07, 2010 5:46 pm

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Hey Bishop don't forget to post IP for last week and this week if we got any.

Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:33 am

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Ok a few things I want noted..I want to try playing without a Mecha this play thru and do the personal deal. Instead of Master Chief Zanone being a "SEAL" Mech operator. Make him a actual SEAL commando.

All of this comes from this website

Requested Template to be used
Special Forces (Jim Hunsinger):

Handgun +1, Shadow/avoid pursuit +1, Rifle +1, Survival +1, Stealth +1, Hand to hand +1, Awareness +1, Heavy weapon +1

Special forces are highly trained soldiers that are experts in unconventional warfare. They will infiltrate behind enemy lines to gather intelligence, create and organize resistance forces from the local partisans, conduct sabotage operations, and disrupt rear echelon elements of the enemy forces.

Request Hand to Hand be replacable in that template by Martial Arts (Two versions availible the simple or more detailed optional version)

Martial Art (Official):
Rather than the generic skill of Hand-to-Hand, this skill represents training in a systematized fighting style such as Karate, Kung Fu, Ninjitsu, etc.. Martial Arts adds +1/2 its Skill level to damage (round down).

or alternatively the more in depth Martial Arts system (Ala Cyberpunk 2020)

Taking this version of MA
Advanced Military Unarmed Combat. This martial art is a generic conglomeration of several fighting styles and adopted by many militaries across the world. Many soldiers of the different political protectorates learn this style of combat. Not as graceful as other martial arts, it was designed to get the job done.

For example the fleshed out Martial Arts system and its bonuses to attack per form is in that page. He would have a little edge over others than mere hand to hand but it would make for a interesting game.

Lastly a Bruise damage system for unarmed might be worth a look its here.

or a outright more detailed Human Combat system

Basically anything in that archive looks cool. Also I will try to realistically make this character as similar stated as a SEAL would be in skills over 2 years of training they go through.

18, 20, 22-, 24, 26, 28, 30- Special Forces

Note: Occupation skills (marked Occ.) are recommendations due to real life Seal training and how proficient I would expect a Commando would be at those things. Over the course of a career leading from age 16 to 30.
Money and Family (High Noble/Wealthy) 1k Credits
Family Situation/Standing: Both Parents are Alive and Well. Standing is good.
Siblings: 1 Older Brother who hero worships me.
Friends: 1 Teacher/Mentor (Female: Cobalt) and 1 friend who grew up with me (Kimberly: Warrior Creche)
Enemy: An old friend (Female). Hatred is a mystery to me. The Feeling is mutual. We would both try to kill each other on first contact
Romantic Life: Currently Involved in a Romance (Everything is going smoothly) for now.
Physical Traits: 5'8, silver/white hair kept spiked/short with morphing eyes. (Blue when normal, emerald when attracted to someone, red when hostile, silver when inquisitive.) Body is scarred mainly in the abdomen/chest area...There is a half gone tattoo on his left cheek that appears to be Identification Information. The remainder of the tatoo says "SOCM *unreadable*" at the top and last readable line says "C220A"

Personality Traits: Intellectual, detached.
Thing valued most: Power
Possession valued most: A recording of music (An ancient R&B record he looted from a backwater world..sounds alot like the Isley brothers)
Person Valued most in the world: Himself who else can he trust.

18 Short Term Love Affair (Killed in an Accident)

20 Lasting Affair (One of us is insanely jealous..not me)

22 Enemy (Someone I don't even know)

24 Enemy (Personal rival on the job)

26 Windfall (Favor: Pirate)

28 Enemy (Someone I don't even know)

30 Windfall (Vital clue from the past)

Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:23 am
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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
OK, lets take this from the top!

First up, its up to you how you develop your character, thats fine, but I would suggest some mecha skills, or skills that help with the operation of the ship.

Secondly, No new templates I'm afraid, it wouldn't be fair to those that have already created their characters if I suddenly brought in new templates, only ones available are the standard ones in the book and the Suicidal Test Pilot, from the Mekton Plus Tech manual. if you want to fluff out your skills, you will have a handful of catch up points after you have made your character to spend.

Hand to Hand will not be replaced, its worked a it is so far, if you want extra damage, invest in some knuckle dusters.

Sub-dual damage system is already in effect, same as ordinary, it just doesn't kill you.

I know the archives have some good parts in them, I have contributed to them myself. But I want to keep things relatively simple for ease of game flow, and to encourage role-play, not roll-play.

Ok ,Life path..
First up, if your a pirate orphan, how do you figure the noble wealth and title? this is not a criticism, Im looking for in-game reasons.

Second, Same rule stands as for the beginning of game, your parents must have had something happen to them.

Dont worry about the life path thing, Im more than happy to come on a bit early so you can roll em, and we can see and discuss how you fit into the gameworld!

Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:44 pm
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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Oh yes, IP (this is for the last 2 sessions, sort of mini end of arc sessions)

Seth 18
Steven 17
Loki 15
Sam 13
Kim 15
Rose 10
Felix 17
Mongoose 69

And a hand weapon (human scale)

Any melee weapon made with 'handy' advantage can be used to supplement hand to hand damage as long as the spaces are not more than the hits the arm holding them has.
(handy means they do not restrict the hands form doing their job, therefore can work in conjunction with them)

Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:58 pm

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Alright remember how we all had fake parents..Concordat Senators would suffice easily or big goverment types..Politicians with enough connections to keep him protected once he was liberated by Cobalt. Who would most likely be assassinated for their efforts openly..That being said he would have had his identity changed and traces erased on completion of SEAL training due to his "Families" connection and immedietely tapped into black ops..Although they never could get him to go for a less violent/dangerous life. The mecha corps didn't appeal to him. The noble roll was a fluke but its like Chris Layner all over again.

Anyway he would have went solo for the majority of his career and become alot more closer to a Colonel Kurtz type of leader than a benevolent angel..He picked up Master Chief around age 26, however his last 4 years of his career have been assigned directly to work with cobalt as a "Advisor" and to "monitor" pirate activity. In those 4 years although he has learned to deal with people as people he has also hammered the nails that stuck out of the board. His actual identity is not known in those parts but it is known Cobalt happens to have a skilled assassin above/beyond the norm as part of her crew. They say he likes to wear a black suit with a red shirt and if you see roses at your door step say your prayers.

That work? Anyway what else have i done.

Reset character template to Soldier as its pretty similar. As for stuff to assist in ships operation well he's a special forces type...Specialized Navigation skills like uhh wave drive expertise and piloting..Instead of all this parachuting shit like I originally intended..Aerospace Piloting/Zero G/Navigation/Expert: Wave Drive Jump Plotting (Or whatever needed to allow this)

This combo could allow him to drop small ships out while the phoenix is transiting to ride down into the would have to be at a decently high level though and I expended my pickup skills on my original 5 skills +Athletics/Demo/Endurance (And the first and third only because of he's a commando and it would make little sense for him to be 10 bod and not at least have +5 in those)

Medical/First Aid would also be a possible "catchup skill" as I know pretty much if you are combat arms unless you are unfortunate you will get the chance to take a combat lifesaver course..Slap a tourniquet on a blown off leg, pressure dressings, IVs, all that. THe more advanced stuff like cricothyroidomy (cutting your throat open and dropping a airway tube in) and needle decompress/tieing off arteries and shit would fall under Medical though..that requires a trained combat medic. SEALs these days have their own medics and they are badass at Tactical Combat Care..and you can crosstrain in the rate.

Anyway pretty much I'm looking at a shuttle pilot/someone who can plot jumps into tight spots or a field medic as well as being the team's Demo guy. Or throw in shadow/track and streetwise/interrogation for a man who can find someone in a city by any means necessary, get him, and make him crack.

What does the team need most besides another mech gun (The sheet for that still exists by the way I have two sheets here.)

Rifle 9 (19)
Hand to Hand 8 (18)
Dodge&Escape 8 (18)
Stealth 8 (18)
Awareness 8 (15)
Demoltions 5 (12)
Athletics 5 (15)
Endurance 5 (15)
Psionic Power: Possession 4 (14)

REF 10
MA 7 RUN 21m JUMP 1.75m RUN JUMP 5.25m

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Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:39 am

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Alternatively he can be the Security Officer of the ship he has the skills to beat down anyone on it pretty much...and the strength, and really psychic babies turned him to ice and he didn't even flinch...he's pretty hardcore brah. Also the mecha CP..we have what 425 now. I am probably not gonna use it maybe for some advanced infiltration power armour if even that. I was wondering what would we do if I decided not to expend it at all.. Do i donate it to the group? Buy skills with it, cookies, milk, Sam's beach body. what.

EDIT: Talking to Sam might bring in a small stealth dropship ala Aliens dropship with electronic stealth capability/reentry. Maybe a little bit Ewar. My contribution to the team.

Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:18 am
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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Uh, Miriya, how did you get those stats?

Im sure the synopsis said 75 character points.. dont forget after 7 the attributes cost different.

But as I said, dont worry about it!

let me know when your available for a time, Ill come on and do a one to one, so we can get it all hashed out and rolled up properly!

Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:01 pm

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Tonight or more specifically right now also that Edu 7 is a flop my bad i meant 4. *Edit: Holy shit having 3 plus 10 skills is a motherfucker...May drop his bod down a bit but oh well...We'll see.

Edit: Dropped the bod down so he would be more proficient at other things then just being buff for no fucking reason. If he can't blow shit up, fix a wound, do basic tech stuff/have horrible luck. He's useless beyond firing a rifle.

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Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:01 am

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Post Re: Mekton: Rosetta Eclipse
Alternatively tommorow around 12 US PST works or I'll be up for a while...whenever you see me on message me.

Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:28 am
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