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 Changes between 1.8.0 and 1.8.1 
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Post Changes between 1.8.0 and 1.8.1
It's been a while since the main OpenRPG fork was updated so here's what has changed:

xxBlank - corrected the plugin database example, added an example ("Pirate") of how to add your own mini context menu, the on_test example of messaging was made to work.
xxMinimenu - New plugin. A way to access gametre nodes through a mini context menu
xxMiniquicknote - New plugin. A way to keep notes on a mini that are not visible to others.
xxMinisuperscript - New plugin. Allows you to add a piece of text above a mini.
xxMinitooltip - New plugin. Turns off mini's labels and instead the name is on a fly-out / tooltip.

Features node has had some of the old links to dead help pages tidied up.

Improved the fog appearance to the GM (shaded pattern).

Added multiple select of minis to allow multiple movement of minis (for bulk edit of other properties use the big minindialog that has had some bug fixes). Hold down ALT while clicking on the other minis (collision with other ctrl keys made Alt the best choice sadly).

Added a post-mini draw callback feature and custom property save-to-map-file for minis (of use only to plugin writers).

Freestyle drawing lines in whiteboard uses up less data to record and therefore should be faster.

Support for multiple line commands or paragraphs in macros, chat pasting and nodes.

Fixed group container's use dialog (and many other bug fixes of course throughout the program).

Design dialogs now remember their size and position (as use dialogs have been doing since 1.8.0)

Minilib sends miniatures to the map initially selected so they can be repositioned easily. Also when sending many copies of the same mini to the map the minis are placed in a roughly square formation, depending on the grid shape, snapped to the grid if appropriate, instead of all in the exact same place where it was a pain to separate them out.

Grids now allow you to insert new rows and columns into the middle of the grid's body. Also grids can be made to sum the contents of each row and display the total in the second cell (the cell which represents the "value" of the row - with the first cell being the title or caption of the row).

Namespaces are introduced to make reference finding easier and to allow character sheets to continue to operate when they are duplicated, moved around the gametree, placed in or out of a container node or sent to another player. Just remember to specify the top container node of your character sheet as a namespace (it is then displayed as bolded text). The namespace option is on the gametree node context menu.

Gametree nodes can be renamed through context menu (for the Mac).

Clone with Replace added to gametree node context menu. This allows you to duplicate a node or entire character sheet N times while automatically replacing the name or other text with whatever you want -- just list however many replacement texts you want and you get that many copies.

Index added to gametree node context menu. This allows you to make better use of the easy referencing that happens for uniquely named nodes. If you have two nodes identically named then you can make one invisible to the referencing system. Feature is for character sheet designers.

I'll have to continue this later....

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Sat May 29, 2010 11:25 pm

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Post Re: Changes between 1.8.0 and 1.8.1
Improvements to the multiline chat input (eg you can enter a newline with a SHIFT+ENTER)

Typing the exact name of a node sends it to text (no need for any !@...@! stuff here). The character sheet of the selected alias or default name (if no other aliases) is assumed so you can type eg skill rolls directly "Swim", "Initiative", "Reflex" etc if they are the name of a node in the character sheet.

All node names are in effect case insensitive now. The reference finder is more forgiving.

Sending to chat the value of a node or sending something to chat from a mini context menu alters the selected alias to match the person who last spoke.

Various weird unicode characters such as elipsis, double hyphen and odd quotation marks are now translated instead of causing OpenRPG to ignore the entire piece of text they are inside. This means pasting a large paragraph of text directly from a module is more likely to work consistently.

/addtonode new command that you can use to edit the value of numeric nodes from chat. eg "/addtonode 6 HP" would add 6 to the value of the node named "HP". Of course this works inside text nodes, macros etc when their contents are sent to chat. You see nothing on the chat display of course as with most slash commands.

/setnode as above but sets the value of a numeric node. eg "/setnode 18 AC"

/allaliases or /all the text following this command is applied to all aliases. eg "/all Listen" would roll a Listen skill (assuming the Listen skill node is called "Listen" and the character sheets are marked as namespaces).

/input this command is used in building character sheets. The format is "/input variableName caption" and it creates a sort of local variable that can be refered to in the rest of a multiline statement. For example the following three lines ask for a number and then deduct that from the character's HP while recording the damage using a /d box.

/input X Enter amount of damage Inigo takes
/d "Inigo takes X damage."
/add -X HP

Incidentally for backwards compatibility the /d command still assumes its argument is everything that comes after it (including across multiple lines of text) unless you use quote marks as above.

/become or /be this command takes the name of a character as an argument and selects that character in the alias list. For example you could make a function key say "/be Inigo" and then if you want to speak with that alias you can just hit the function key. Because function keys are sent to chat directly this will work even when your chat text entry box is full of other text.

OpenRPG now has a Tip of the Day feature.

You can now dock the AliasLib dialog as part of the windows / frame system.

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Sun May 30, 2010 3:44 am

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Post Re: Changes between 1.8.0 and 1.8.1
I've probably forgotten some stuff and in particular I added a feature to try and clean up the Use dialogs a bit so you don't see all the referencing code there (the !@...@! stuff) but instead just see whatever all that stuff translates to and you can't edit the text controls that contain transalted references. Now some people are going to hate that because they use their Use dialog basically like a permanently open Design dialog. You kind of have to because Design dialogs don't contain all their children the way Use dialogs do. So by popular demand you can switch off that setting to continue to hot wire your nodes through the use dialog. However by default the setting is off.

I didn't give a similar ability to switch off another tidying up feature for the Use dialog. often calculations on die rollers for complex character sheets end up with a ton of arithmetic in them like (18-10/2)+0+0+0+2+0+0+0. Now the calculations get rid of some of that for you. The problem is that some people like seeing all those zeroes because they know what those bonuses all are. So the new rule is that everything in the die roller itself not summed but if it refers to another node and THAT node has calculations in it, then just a single digit is reported back.

Obviously in addition to the above features various bugs were fixed but they are too many to mention easily.

Sun May 30, 2010 3:56 am

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Post Re: Changes between 1.8.0 and 1.8.1
Oh I forgot about the xxBonuses plugin. Quite an important one.

With the xxbonuses plugin you get two new /commands. /bonus and /effect. /bonus works sort of like /addtonode but whereas /addtonode permanently edits the node /bonus adds a temporary integer bonus to it. If you display the node in a use dialog (and you don't have the above mentioned setting to switch Use dialog read-only auto-calculations off) or ask it what it's value is through the reference system, you get back the value as adjusted but in the design dialog it is as it always was.

Bonuses are remembered between sessions using the plugin database. Note: unfortunately the plugin database can't tell one campaign from another so if you are in two campaigns with two identically named characters this can cause it to become confused. Now that OpenRPG since about 1.7.x are fine with being multiply installed I suggest you use a new installation of OpenRPG for each campaign if you encounter issues with the plugin database and name collisions). So although the bonus is not editing the node its effect is pretty much permanent assuming you reload the bonus plugin each session.

To delete a bonus use the "View Effects" dialog. Call it up by typing /ve into chat.

Bonuses are pretty quick and easy ("/bonus 4 strength") but the /effect command allows you to add extra information about the bonus. The format is quite complex.

/effect name alias= [type=] number= path= [number= path=]

There's a new parser for the /command which supports this sort of complex command with named parameters and parameters that might be repeated or might contain internal spaces that require quotation marks to indicate. Number and path work the same as with the /bonus command except that now the effect must use a namespaced character sheet (whereas it is just the normal thing to do with /bonus). Name is mandatory and is the name of the effect. Alias is mandatory and is the name of the character (ie the name of the top container node of the sheet). Type is optional and controls how bonuses are added together. As per D&D 3.5 rules bonuses with the same type do not stack whereas others do. Finally several pairs of number/path can be added. Here's an example. As is intended with the /effect command this is all pre-written into a node so it can be run with a click of the mouse.

/input X Enter who is Entangled
/effect "Entangle" desc= alias="X" number=-2 path=bab type=entangle number=-4 path=_Dexterity

So if the node is run, eg. by typing "Entangle" a pop-up asks for the name of who got entangled and applies a -2 to BAB and a -4 to dexterity. Note that the parameter order is forgiving but obviously you need the paired number and path parameters in order with each other. D&D 3.5 rules say that the penalties for entangle are nameless but the standard rules also say that nothing stacks with itself so I named the effect type "entangle" which means if a character or NPC is entangled twice they don't get double the penalties.

Semi-permanent effects such as magical items can also be added in this way somas to get the benefit of the automatic calculation of the stacking rules. For example here is a node which contains a set of magic items held by a party:

/effect "Cloak of Charisma +1" desc= alias=Ashlyn number=1 path=_Charisma type=enhancement
/effect "Amulet of Health +2" desc= alias=Ashlyn number=2 path=_Constitution type=enhancement
/effect "Ring of Protection +1" desc= alias=Ashlyn number=1 path=AC_Base type=deflection
/effect "Cloak of Resistance +1" desc= alias=Kelno number=1 path=Save_Base type=resistance
/effect "Cloak of Charisma +2" desc= alias=Fiona number=2 path=_Charisma type=enhancement
/effect "Cloak of Charisma +2" desc= alias=Kelno number=2 path=_Charisma type=enhancement
/effect "Amulet of Natural Armor +1" desc= alias=Urik number=1 path=AC_Base type=natural

These effects are saved between sessions like the bonuses and can (only) be deleted through the /vieweffects (or /ve) command which brings up a dialog listing all the effects and bonuses in play.

Note that bonuses and effects "float above" changes made directly to the node value. An example of this is for a Druid wildshaping. The wildshape isn't considered a bonus but a change to the basic stats so it uses /setnode instead of /effect.

/setnode 14 _strength
/setnode 17 _dexterity
/setnode 19 _constitution
/setnode 3 Natural
/setnode 30 Move
/setnode 0 ACP
/setnode 0 NPP
/setnode 999 MaxDex
/addtonode 7 HP
/addtonode -1 Wild Shape
/d "Tharivol shapeshifts to the form of a dire badger"

All that is placed in a single node called "dire badger" so it can be easily sent to chat. (btw NPP is "Non Proficiency penalty", the MaxDex is the max dexterity limit set by armor worn, the addition to HP is from the wildshaping and the -1 to Wild Shape is a decrement of how many remaining uses per day the druid has).

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Post Re: Changes between 1.8.0 and 1.8.1

Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:12 pm
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